Awanui River Working Group

29 June 2018





Discussion held at the Te Ahu Centre, Kaitaia,

on Friday 29 June 2018, at 10.30 am


Present – Working Group Members:   

Cr Mike Finlayson                  (NRC Councillor – Chairman)

Fiona King                              (Kaitaia Drainage Board)

Russell Cantlay                      (Awanui Ratepayers Assn)

Adelle Gardner                       (Te Hiku Community Board)

Joe King                                  (Eastern Area)

Marie Berghan                        (Kaitaia Business Assn)

Gary May                                (Southern Area)

Michael Masters                     (Western Area)

John Walsh                            (Te Rarawa)

Bruce Howse                          (NRC)

Kaio Hooper                           (Ngai Takoto)

Stephen Little                         (FNDC)


Also in Attendance:

Peter Wiessing                        (NRC)

Joseph Camuso                     (NRC)

Wendy Jecentho                    (NRC)

Michelle Shine                        (NRC)

Whiti Awarau                          (Ngai Takoto)

David van Bysterveldt            (Farmer)



1.    Apologies: None received




2.    Record of Actions from previous meeting

The Record of Actions from the meeting held on 21 September 2017 was received.


3.    Matters Arising

There were no matters arising


4.    Update on Long Term Plan (LTP) and Flood Infrastructure Rate (FIR)

Joe Camuso advised the upgrade was adopted by Council and that Council had agreed to fund 70% of capital works from Regional rates and the remaining 30% is to come from local rates.


Presented by:

Joseph Camuso and Bruce Howse.


Agreed action point:

·         Michelle Shine to circulate the letter to the committee for their feedback (Letter will to be sent to approximately 100 landowners who will be affected by upcoming works.)

·         Michelle Shine to arrange handout on ‘Awanui River Kaitaia Upgrade Schedule June 2018’  be placed on to NRC public website.





5.    Budget 2017-2018

Discussion on the budget for the coming year was discussed and an update on the 2017-2018 maintenance was tabled and discussed.


Presented by:

Bruce Howse and Peter Wiessing.


Agreed action points:

·         Bruce Howse to clarify why predicted rates are different to actual rates collected.

·         Bruce Howse to clarify the situation around the amount of rates to be collected for the 2018/2019 year.  Item 05a circulated at the meeting showed a take of $593896.00 but this may not include the increased rate take.



6.    Bells Hill Slip Update

Update given on the purchase of the Firth Concrete property opposite Bells Hill and the planned works once the buildings are removed.


Presented by:

Joseph Camuso



7.    Update on Regional Funding for emergency Preparedness

Discussion on preparedness and hydrometric station upgrades. NRC currently working on an advanced emergency plan with other agencies.


Presented by:

Bruce Howse


8.    Regional LiDAR Update

The new LiDAR for Awanui catchment was fast tracked and is now live and being utilised. The rest of the region will be flown over the next 18 months.


Presented by:

Joseph Camuso


9.    Other Business

·         Discussion on the scheduling of the Waihoe floodgate works.

·         Discussion on the Tangonge wetland project and potential impact on farm drainage which will require land owner consultation.

·         Discussion on the timing for the next meeting which will be later in the year once this season’s works are underway.




Meeting closed:  12.10 pm