Mangere Catchment Group

2 July 2018

Mangere Catchment Group Record of Actions


Meeting held in the Kokopu School

on Monday 2 July 2018, commencing at 6:30pm




Dairy Farming                Roger Holder

Public/Community      Susan Karels

WDC Councillor             Sharon Morgan

Dairy Farming                Shayne O'Shea

Councillor                        Joce Yeoman


In Attendance:


NRC John Ballinger



The meeting commenced at 6.30pm



Drystock Farming                                                      Denis Anderson                              

Dairy Farming                                                            Royce Kokich                                                

Horticulture                                                                Chris Frost                                         

DairyNZ                                                                      Helen Moodie                                 

Non-dairy Farming Representative                   Rob Pye                                

Te Rūnanga Ā Iwi O Ngāpuhi                                Tania Pene                           

Te Uriroroi                                                                   Hona Edwards                                 

Te Parawhau                                                              Finnisha Turiwai-Birchall                          

Mark Dudley                                                 

Alan Clarkson         


1.      Riparian planting this August

Identify planting sites.  A catchment map with landowner names aided the process of finding potential planting sites.  Dennis Anderson’s farm was chosen for a planting day on 6th August 2018.


2.      School nurseries

Jacqueline Knight has undertaken the school nursery assessments and invoices from the schools will be submitted shortly.


3.      Signage

To be developed later this year.

4.      New group members

Not actively recruiting at present.



1.         Whole group to network and send suggested planting site ideas to John in the next week.           Looking for high profile sites that are already fenced on Kara Road and/or lifestyle blocks        and/or sheep and beef farmers.

2.         John/Susan to investigate design of a sign combing all collabotrators e.g. Mangere Catchment Group, NRC, Enviroschools.



The meeting concluded at 20.30