Waitangi Catchment Group

5 July 2018





Minutes of the Waitangi Catchment Group workshop

held at Bay of Islands Yacht Club

on Thursday 5th July 2018 at 6pm



Group members and regular attendees



Andrew Kirk

Fish & Game

Justin Murfitt


Darryl Way                                 

Waimate North Landcare Trust

Cr. Joce Yeoman

NRC Councillor

John Tiatoa


Helen Moodie

Dairy NZ

Marty Robinson

FNDC Community Board

Maurice Williamson                                                

John Tiatoa                                                      

Public Interests


Roger Ludbrook

Drystock Farmer

Rio Greening


Tony Corcoran

Kerikeri Irrigation

Chris Richmond



In Attendance:                   

Duncan Kervell

Northland Regional Council




Alec Jack


Fleur Corbett


Rhonda Gordon


Justin Murfitt

Northland Regional Council

Aslan Wright-Stow



1)    Update from DairyNZ regarding sustainable farming fund project based in Waitangi.


This $300K plus project, that was presented to the catchment group last year has been successful!


Project Brief:

The long-term impact of this project will be a new technique for NZ riparian management that delivers benefits to waterways (uptake of nutrients, filtering of sediment and pathogens, bank stabilisation, in-stream shade, terrestrial and aquatic habitat), while simultaneously retaining farm productivity from that land.


We will provide an evaluation of the operational, financial and environmental performance of “productive” riparian buffers that will allow farmers to make an informed decision on the value of productive riparian management for their farm. This will be undertaken in two catchment regions across a range of farms types by:


1.       Undertaking a comprehensive review of current and potential riparian species to contribute to farm-system productivity

2.       Undertaking modelling to determine the extent of contaminant uptake across a range of riparian widths and planting densities, across a range of species

3.       Undertaking modelling to establish empirical relationships between planting density and age, and potential catchment scale nutrient uptake for a range of species

4.       Investigating carbon sequestration across a range of buffer sizes and plant compositions

5.       Defining mechanical harvesting techniques and methods for “cut and carry” on existing vegetation

6.       Monitoring the impacts of harvesting on stream and ecological condition

7.       Establishing demonstration sites (fencing and planting) to showcase harvesting technology (seeing is believing)

8.       Testing options for adding riparian fodder into silage mixes

9.       Disseminating findings regarding the benefits, and constraints limiting use of productive riparian buffers to encourage adoption beyond this project through running demonstration days, the Dairy Environmental Leaders Group, regional council special interest groups (e.g., Land Managers Group), environmental extension specialists, rural professionals and farmer discussion groups employed/supported by DairyNZ and B&L and professional scientific fora.


Actions in 2018:


·         From DNZ end, that will start with the literature review (with NIWA). We also need to get the ball rolling in terms of confirming a governance group, selecting demonstration sites and getting those demo sites established.

·         We are looking for expressions of interest from the Waitangi Catchment group for who might want to be involved in the governance group, and who would be happy to have demonstration sites on their farm?

·         With respect to the original proposal the following Waitangi Catchment farmers put their names forward: Terence Brocx, Marty Robinson and Don Jack. I’ve heard back from Marty and Terence regarding their confirmation of being happy to contribute their time, but not from Don.

·         Duncan Kervell from NRC will be involved in the governance committee and provide the linkage with the Waitangi catchment.


2)    Update from sustainable coastlines (Duncan) regarding nursery and trees in the catchment.


The Sustainable Coastlines Charitable Trust is currently building a proposal to assist a local, marae-based organisation to develop capacity as a social enterprise with an aim to plant at least 400,000 native trees/shrubs within the Waitangi Catchment. This will involve input from multiple agencies, in particular the Department of Corrections, which will assist to make the work efficient and deliver key social impacts alongside environmental impacts simultaneously.

We have raised funds from the Department of Conservation to create a restoration guide that will enable us to select the appropriate mix of species.  This will be complete prior to October this year at the latest, for submission to the Waitangi Catchment group for consideration. 

The local charity we are developing this concept with is 'The Te Puke Ki Waitangi Taonga Katiaki Trust' - also known as 'Iwi Kiwi'.  They are a Tangata Whenua-led organisation with strong connections across local stakeholders.  Part of the vision for this collaboration is to create a nursery to support the Trust on the iconic Waitangi Marae grounds. 

Sam Judd, Co-Founder of Sustainable Coastlines, would love the opportunity to engage with the Waitangi Catchment Group to present more details about this concept and answer questions, at the next meeting if possible. 

Action: Duncan to arrange Sam to speak to the catchment group


3)    10K fund to spend in Waitangi and Enviroschools Nursery update and details of decision approved.


The Waitangi Catchment Group has agreed to support several Enviroschools in the Waitangi Catchment to propagate native plants.  Funds are requested to support the shade houses required to hold plants and for propagation materials. 

This will help achieve the objectives of the Waitangi Catchment Management Plan, specifically:



Kaikohe Intermediate

Shade house construction and propagation materials.  Labour will be undertaken by the caretaker and volunteers.


Ohaeawai School

Propagation materials and hardening off area.  Labour will be undertaken by the caretaker and volunteers.


Kaikohe Christian School

Shade house, shelving, hardening off area, irrigation, potting mix and pots.

Okaihau College

Shade house extension


Oromahoe School

Shade house construction and equipment. Propagation and hardening off area materials.  Labour will be undertaken by the caretaker and volunteers.





Kaikohe Intermediate


Ohaeawai School

$   578.86

Kaikohe Christian School


Okaihau College


Oromahoe School



$9,889.17 (plus GST)





·         NRC will assist with the groups setting up and will sign off as work is completed.


·         NRC will pursue more applications from other interested enviroschools now we are into another financial year.


Where to from here?  2018/19 priorities for the catchment Group.


Duncan got a bit of a challenge from a member of the catchment group, based on how are we going to engage and move the objectives of the catchment plan and promote positive change amongst landowners in the catchment?


Attendees at the July meeting suggested ideas and one that seemed to resonate was we need to raise our profile.  One idea was to host a field day at Waimate North Showgrounds, with presentations from agencies and provide an opportunity for a discussion forum for landowners in the catchment.


The proposed Aim of this October meet are as follows;


1)      Raise the profile of the catchment plan and its implications for landowners i.e. especially around the rules.

2)      To profile the assistance available to landowners in advice, funds and materials to meet the proposed regional plan and the catchment plan.

3)      To profile the achievements and good stuff being done in the catchment

4)      To create an opportunity for landowners (over an extended lunch) and provide an opportunity for facilitated discussion to discuss the steps forward and as a collective of landowners and community, working together and/or discuss the next steps.



The initial date was set for the 4th of October, as it is a good time between calving and mating, however it turns out to be school holidays which is not good for attendance, maybe we need to consider the 25th of October. How does that date fit?


Note: Term does not start until the 15th of October and Duncan and Helen Moodie are away in Bay of Plenty that week.


Action: The Waitangi catchment group to agree on a date and sort a meeting to help organise the event.  Volunteers? NRC to organise the initial meeting and book event  venue and sort catering.