Pest Management Working Party

Tuesday 4 September 2018 at 3.00 pm





Pest Management Working Party

4 September 2018

Pest Management Working Party Agenda


Meeting to be held in the Council Chambers

on Tuesday 4 September 2018, commencing at 3.00 pm


Please note: working parties and working groups carry NO formal decision-making delegations from council. The purpose of the working party/group is to carry out preparatory work and discussions prior to taking matters to the full council for formal consideration and decision-making. Working party/group meetings are open to the public to attend (unless there are specific grounds under LGOIMA for the public to be excluded).


MEMBERSHIP OF THE Pest Management Working Party

Chairman, Councillor Mike Finlayson

Councillor Justin Blaikie

Councillor Paul Dimery

Councillor Bill Shepherd (Ex-Officio)

Councillor R Stolwerk

Non Elected Member from TTMAC




Item                                                                                                                                       Page

1.0    apologies   

2.0    declarations of conflicts of interest

3.0    Reports

3.1      Record of Actions from Previous Meeting & Matters Arising

Attachment 1       Record of actions from previous meeting                                                       3

3.2      Corrections Department

3.3      High Value Areas Update

3.4      Kauri Dieback Update

3.5      Pig Control

3.6      Fan Worm and Opua Update

3.7      Biosecurity Strategy & Communications/Engagement Plan   


Pest Management Working Party  ITEM: 3.1

4 September 2018Attachment 1




Pest Management Working Party


Discussion held in the Council Chambers, Northland Regional Council

on Wednesday 20 June 2018 commencing at 3.00 pm



Present: Mike Finlayson (Chair), Justin Blaikie, Don McKenzie, Rick Stolwerk, Kane McElrea, Bruce Howse, Mere Kepa, Luana Pirihi, Nola Sooner (Minute Taker)


Apologies: Bill Shepherd, Malcolm Nicolson, Paul Dimery


Additional matters to be discussed:



1.   Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising


Presented by:

Mike Finlayson. 


Accepted as read.


2.   Presentation: New Trap Technology


Presented by:

Bernie Radford and Shane Hyde


Agreed Action Points:

·    A meeting to be held in July to discuss New Trap Technology.  Action: Kane McElrea


* Shane Hyde and Bernie Radford left the meeting.


3.   Pig Control Strategy


Presented by:

Bruce Howse & Don McKenzie


Agreed Action Points:

·    NRC staff to formulate a community plan for Pig Control in Takahiwai for a community engagement meeting.  Kane confirmed he would send a community pest control plan template to Mere, Luana and Mike to view.  Action:  Kane McElrea


4.   Kauri Dieback


Presented by:

Bruce Howse


Agreed Action Points:

·    Staff to send email to MPI to confirm details of MPI Hui re Kauri Dieback and send information to Councillors and CEO.  Action: Bruce Howse


5.   Long Term Plan Delivery Update – High Value Areas


Presented by:

Don McKenzie


* Mere Kepa and Luana Pirihi left the meeting.


6.   Engagement with Corrections Department for work on Environmental Outcomes


Presented by:

Justin Blaikie


Agreed Action Points:

·    Staff to report back to the next Pest Management Working Party meeting on the predator pest control work undertaken by the Corrections Department  Action:  Kane McElrea



Meeting closed: 4.52pm