Doubtless Bay Catchment Group

26 October 2018

Doubtless Bay Catchment Group Record of Actions


Meeting held in the Mangonui Cruising Club

5 Silver Egg Drive

Mill Bay


on Friday 26 October 2018, commencing at 10.00




Mike Finlayson                    NRC Councillor (Chair)

Andreas Kurmann              Far North Envirolab

Karen Lucich                                      Summit Forests

Trudy Allen                            Hapu consultant - Taipa Marae

Jan Stensness                      Te Runanga-a-Iwi o Ngati Kahu

Wayne Parsonson              Clean Waters to the Sea

Nuu Ward                              Te Hiku Community Board – Doubtless Bay

Gerald Messenger             Taumarumaru Reserve

Stephen Tansey                  Clean Waters to the sea


In Attendance:

Lester Bridson                      NRC – Land Management Advisor

Justin Murfitt                       NRC – Planning & Policy Manager

Jacque Knight                       Enviro schools



Helen Moodie                      Dairy NZ

Yvonne Steinemann          Doubtless Bay Marine Protection Group

Shayne Storey                     DOC  


The meeting commenced at 10 a.m.

The Doubtless Bay Catchment Working Group (DBWG) met on 26th October 2018. The topics for discussion included:

·                Presentation from Landcare Research outlining the key findings from the literature review commissioned by the group.

·                Presentation from NRC staff regarding online water quality consultation tool and an up-date on the FNDC District Plan review process and the opportunity for the DBWG to provide feedback to support objectives in Catchment Plan.

·                Discussion regarding allocation of funding to projects that support objectives in Catchment Plan.

·                Review Terms of Reference.

Bullet points which could be a cut and paste of the order paper with any relevant key points from the overview of the discussion from the template.

Following discussion, the Doubtless Bay Catchment Working Group provided advice on the following next steps:

·                With the support of Landcare Research, the DBWG wish to pursue investigations into improved soil biological health as a tool for reducing nutrient and sediment loss on farms. Suatainable Farming Fund (SFF) identified as most relevant avenue to support.

·                DBWG suggest leaving online fresh water quailty consultation tool open over the whole summer period to ensure maximum feedback.

·                DBWG keen to fund schools and marae initiatives that support greater community engagement and improved water quality within the catchment.

·                Ngati Kahu feedback on draft Terms of Refrence document will be provided following consideration by Ngati Kahu iwi leaders forum. This feedback will be consolidated into new draft TOR for consideration by group. Bullet points that reflect the four most important action points arising from the meeting, for example bring a paper to the full council for a formal decision to be made or request additional information. 



The meeting concluded at 12.45pm