Taumarere Flood Management Working Group

18 October 2018

Taumarere Flood Management Working Group Record of Actions


Meeting held in the Te Pokapu Centre

7-9 Wynyard Street


on Thursday 18 October 2018, commencing at 12 noon




Justin Blaikie                            (Co-Chairperson) Northland Regional Council

Murray Armstrong                Tangata Whenua representative

Hohipere Williams                 Tangata Whenua representative

Kevin Davidson                       Kawakawa Business Community representative

Rowena Tana                           Motatau/Opahi/Matawaia ratepayer representative and Kawakawa Hundertwasser Park Charitable Trust representative

Ngahau Davis                           Otiria/Moerewa/Pokapu ratepayer representative

Johnson Davis                         Bay of Islands Vintage Railway representative

Brian Child                                NZTA representative


In Attendance:

NRC staff:                                 Joseph Camuso, Toby Kay, Doug Foster, Suzanne Takiwa, Nola Sooner (Record of Actions Taker)

FNDC staff                                Steven Smith, Stephen Little

Manuwai Wells                       FNDC Bay of Islands-Whangaroa Community Board (Kawakawa-Moerewa representative)

Noma Shepherd                     Member of the public

Myra Larcombe                      Member of the public

Amadonna Jakeman             Member of the public

Peter Woods                           Member of the public

Laurell Pratt                             Member of the public


Apologies (Item 1.0)

Bruce Howse                           NRC

Malcolm Nicolson                  NRC

Cr Joce Yeoman                      NRC

Richard Cookson                    Kawakawa ratepayer representative

Kelly Stratford                         Far North District Council representative



Matters arising from the last Record of Actions (5 June 2018) (Item 2.1)

Presented by: Joseph Camuso

Agreed action points:

·         Role and Composition of the Taumarere Flood Management Working Group – it was confirmed:

o   Hohipere Williams will replace Tui Shortland as a tangata whenua representative;

o   Kevin Davidson will remain the Kawakawa local business community representative;

o   KiwiRail – it was noted Peter Ramsay is listed as KiwiRail’s representative.  However, Rowena advised that KiwiRail has indicated a representative will attend when required for specific agenda items that require their input;

o   Ratepayer representatives

§  Otiria/Moerewa/Pokapu - Ngahau Davis confirmed he will remain the ratepayer representative;

§  Maromaku (Aaron Taikato) – Deferred from previous meeting - Rowena confirmed she would follow up with Aaron Taikato to check his availability to remain as the ratepayer representative.  Action:  Rowena Tana

§  Waiomio - Marlena (Dolly) Baker had advised via email (5-06-18) that neither Stephen Tautari nor Teina Wells-Smith were available to be the ratepayer representative for Waiomio to replace Manuwai Wells who was the original representative.  Dolly had confirmed she had contacted Manuwai Wells to find a suitable representative.  Action:  Manuwai Wells

o   Laurell advised that Rowena Tana has been appointed by Kawakawa Hundertwasser Park Charitable Trust as its’ representative.

·         Review Long Term Plan Options

o   Joseph Camuso presented a summary of the Long-Term Plan for Taumarere-Kawakawa and the Flood Mitigation Options Selection Criteria.  Attendees were requested to complete the Options Selection Criteria Template and hand the completed forms to Amadonna at Ngati Hine FM offices based at 7 Wynyard Street, Kawakawa by 14 November 2018.  Amadonna confirmed she would liaise with Nola and arrange for the completed forms to be sent to Northland Regional Council.  Action:  All



Communications Engagement Strategy Plan (Item 2.2)

Presented by: Suzanne Takiwa

Agreed action points:

·                NRC staff to send regular updates to the wider community.  Suzanne confirmed she would contact Kelly Stratford and Rowena Tana to organise a hui.  Action:  Suzanne Takiwa


Turntable Hill Update (Item 2.3)

Presented by: Joseph Camuso


Any Other Business (Item 2.4)

Hundertwasser Memorial Park

Laurell Pratt tabled an overview of the Concept Master Plan for the proposed Hundertwasser Memorial Park on behalf of the Kawakawa Hundertwasser Park Charitable Trust with a view to incorporating it into the flood mitigation work to be undertaken at Kawakawa.


History of the Lower Kawakawa River

Myra Larcombe tabled some historical photos of the area and provided a verbal update on the history of the area.  Myra expressed her concern that there is no option put forward to remove the plug in the lower Kawakawa River.  Toby advised that Option 17 and Option 17A addresses the concerns raised. 


It was agreed NRC staff will undertake a cost analysis and another modelling design run consisting of the Stop-banking option that Murray Armstrong tabled.  This would provide a similar benefit to the Otiria “spillway option” that has been modelled. 


The committee resolved to include the Waiomio River Stop-banking and benching option within the 2018-19 Annual Plan process.  This will capitalize on the synergies of work from the Hundertwasser Memorial Park targeted for 2019-2020 work season.  Action:  Joseph Camuso



The meeting concluded at 3.40 p.m.