Awanui River Working Group

9 November 2018

Awanui River Working Group Record of Actions


Meeting held in the Conference Room

TeAhu Centre, Kaitaia

on Friday 9 November 2018, commencing at 10:30



Present – Working Group Members:   

Cr Mike Finlayson         (NRC Councillor – Chairman)

Felicity King                  (FNDC – Councillor)

Joseph Camuso           (NRC)

Russell Cantlay            (Awanui Ratepayers Assn)

Adelle Gardner             (Te Hiku Community Board)

Gary May                      (Southern Area)

Michael Masters           (Western Area)

John Walsh                   (Te Rarawa)

Barney Popata              (Ngati Kahu)



Also in Attendance:

Peter Wiessing              (NRC)

Toby Kay                      (NRC)

Matt Johnson                (NRC)

Sher Khan                     (NRC)

Wendy Jecentho          (NRC)

Michelle Shine              (NRC)

Jan Stensness              (Ngati Kahu)

Trudy Allen                    (Ngati Kahu)

Hone Popata                 (Ngati Kahu)

David van Bysterveldt  (Farmer)


1.    Apologies:

Bruce Howse, Joe King, Fiona King, Marie Berghan, Steve Little            




2.    Record of Actions from previous meeting

The Record of Actions from the meeting held on 29 June 2018 was received.


3.    Matters Arising

Points raised by Fiona King have been dealt with as action points under other items.


4.    Budget 2018 – 19 and Proposed Works Programme

Budget for the 18/19 year was discussed and an update on the 18/19 maintenance was tabled and discussed.


Presented by:

Joseph Camuso


Agreed action point:

·         Joseph Camuso to take up with finance and report back next meeting on how depreciation is applied to the scheme assets.  Action Joseph Camuso

·         Peter Wiessing to consider placing bollards/gates at Allen Bell to stop people driving through.  Action Peter Wiessing

·         Peter Wiessing to notify Oturu Marae when Bells Hill works start. Action Peter Wiessing


5.    Bell’s Hill slip & Te Ahu Works Update

Discussion on Bell’s Hill Slip Mitigation and timing for planned works.  Firth Site works estimated to be completed by March 2019.


Presented by:

Joseph Camuso


Agreed action points:

·         Peter Wiessing to liaise with FNDC regarding the possibility of a future recreational area for Kaitaia, once works has been completed at the Firth Site. Action Peter Wiessing


6.    Preliminary Scheme Design

Joseph Camuso presented slides showing diversion spillways planned on the Awanui River and the Whangatane spillway to reduce overflow.  Bridge constraints along the Whangatane spillway were presented to the committee.  An additional span on the right bank of the Donald Road bridge is planned, and Tonkin and Taylor will be optomising the cross-sectional area under Quarry Road and SH-10 Bridges to get maximum benefit.


Presented by:

Toby Kay & Joseph Camuso


7.    Flood Modelling Update

Current flood mapping will incorporate 2018 LiDAR survey. Hydraulic and catchment hydrology calibration are scheduled to be completed by January 2019.  Design storms to be run through the model will be completed by February 2019.


Presented by:

Toby Kay & Joseph Camuso


Agreed action points:

·         NRC to support District Councils with their plan changes RE natural hazards, and that we update District Councils when new flood mapping is released by us.


8.    Other Business


It was announced that Toby Kay (Natural Hazards Advisor) is leaving NRC to take up a position in Nelson.  Sher Khan was introduced as Toby’s replacement.  The committee thanked Toby for his efforts and valuable contributions to the scheme and wishes him well.



Meeting closed:  12.10 pm