Planning Working Party

13 February 2019

Planning Working Party Record of Actions


Meeting held in the Council Chamber

36 Water Street, Whangārei

on Wednesday 13 February 2019, commencing at 1.00pm



Present:                          Chair, Councillor Joce Yeoman

Councillor John Bain

Councillor Paul Dimery

Councillor Bill Shepherd (Ex-Officio)

Councillor Penny Smart


In Attendance:              Full Meeting

Strategy, Policy and Planning Manager

Natural Resources Policy Manager

Group Manager Strategy Governance and Engagementp


The meeting commenced at 1:00pm.


Apologies (Item 1.0)

Victor Hollaway – Non-elected member from Te Taitokerau Māori and Council Working Party.


Record of Actions – 5 December 2018 (Item 3.1)

Presented by: Ben Lee

Agreed action points: Nil.


Natural Resources Policy Team Work Programme (Item 3.2)

Presented by: Natural Resources Policy Manager

Agreed action points: Nil.


Planning Working Party Terms of Reference - verbal update (Item 3.3)

Presented by: Natural Resources Policy Manager

Agreed action points:

·                Support the proposed amendment to the terms of reference to include district plan changes as a matter for the Planning Working Party’s consideration

·                Staff to present a paper to the March council meeting recommending the change to the Planning Working Party’s terms of reference.


The meeting concluded at 1.35pm.