Whangārei Harbour Catchment Group

11 February 2019

Whangārei Harbour Catchment Group Record of Actions


Meeting held in the Kaipara Room

36 Water Street, Whangārei

on Monday 11 February 2019, commencing at 10.00am




Community Representative, Jeremy Busck

WDC Councillor, Tricia Cutforth

Community Representative, Kim Jones

Community Representative, Adrian Tonks - CHAIR

Hapu/iwi Representative, Nicki Wakefield

Community representative Theda Hall

WDC staff Matt de Boer

Community representative Johanna Dones


In Attendance:

Full Meeting

NRC Eastern Coast Land Manager, Lorna Douglas

NRC Resource Scientist Freshwater Ecology, Carol Nicholson

Part Meeting

NRC Marine Research Specialist, Richard Griffiths


The meeting commenced at 10.00am.

Apologies (Item 1.0)

Glenn Mortimer, Mira Norriss, Margaret Kay, Will Steward, Juliane Chetham

Update on actions from last meeting (Item 2.0)





Provide regular updates on Hatea project back to WDC councillors.



Write letter to WDC requesting more is done to keep roadside litter out of stormwater in the upper Hatea catchment.


To progress

Email group with proposed budgets for allocation of $10K to projects (e.g. Takahiwai & Mair Park inanga restoration projects).


Complete at this meeting

Provide group with a quote of required works at Mair Park to restore inanga habitat.


Will be discussed at this meeting

Forward completed stormwater catchment management plan to group.



Forward Porowini wetland construction plan with group when finalised.



Invite Nick Bamford to next meeting to update on Hātea clean-up.


Unable to attend this meeting, will be invited to next one

Talk to Helen Moody re new farmer reps on group.




Harbour sediment study (Item 3.0)

Ritchie Griffith (NRC Marine Research Specialist) presented results of the most recent sediment monitoring in the harbour.

·         Copper and zinc are both above recommended standards in the upper Hātea River (Waiarohia canal and Town Basin).

·         Power point presentation attached.

Catchment project updates (Item 4.0)

Otaika Stream project update (Kim)

·         Not a lot happening over Xmas holiday period.

o   Portland School has a new principal who is learning about how this project all fits; she and Kim are working on getting progress for the school’s signs at Otaika Stream weir.

o   Maintenance at the planting site: so far 90-95% survival rate.

·         Carol noted that NRC fish monitoring will start in March; Kim and Carol to liaise re Otaika Stream.


Hātea project (Lorna)

·         The MFE project has one year to go. It is underspent by about $200,000 (for works – fencing, planting & troughs).

o   A variety of reasons for this, but further promotion will begin soon to try to get more people on board.

·         Discussion about who would attend the upcoming Whanau at the Falls event: WDC will be there, with Matt representing this group. NRC won’t be there this year.

Takahiwai Project (Kim)

·         Recent monitoring has identified a lot of inanga (not yet gravid), also banded kokopu, giant and redfin bullies. Monitoring will continue weekly until earthworks on benching begins.

·         Concept plan for earthworks will be drawn up by an experienced digger operator.

·         Funding will come from Foundation North grant.



    Funding budget allocation discussion (Item 5.0)

·         The Mair Park inanga spawning site restoration project is very new, but has a lot of potential:

o   Saltwater wedge and habitat surveys have been done; there is a “severe” lack of habitat and steep banks.

o   There needs to be a lot more monitoring of this site before any other work is done.

·         Current proposal is to place straw bales on an existing bench upstream of the footbridge and potentially use temporary fencing to keep people, dogs etc out.

o   Some discussion about need for more contact with WDC parks department to ensure their buy-in of project and communication with mowing contractors; Kim to initiate. ACTION

o   WBC will continue to work with Te Kāpehu Whetū on this project

o   Further monitoring / planting work should include invitations to appropriate hāpu; Kim to initiate. ACTION

·         Group agreed to approve $10,00 funding to this project, based on the proposed budget (provided by Kim). ACTION


Other business (Item 6.0)

·         Matt spoke with Stuart Saville at NRC about on-site waste water treatment and they agreed to progress a map of known areas where on-site treatment was still happening. Stronger regulations are in the pipeline.

·         Whangarei wastewater treatment plant resource consent coming up for renewal in 3 years; monitoring at Limeburner’s Creek starting soon. Matt will send ecological monitoring plan around the group for feedback. Please reply to the whole group (not just Matt) with your comments. ACTION

·         Matt to provide the group an update of the Nixon Street gross pollutant trap performance. ACTION


Next meeting date: 15  April 2019








Write letter to WDC requesting more is done to keep roadside litter out of stormwater in the upper Hatea catchment



Apply for funding allocation of $10K to NRC environment fund for Mair Park inanga restoration project



Gain agreement from WDC parks dept. to progress the Mair Park inanga spawning site project



Initiate discussions with iwi/hapu re their participation in Mair Park project



Invite Nick Bamford to next meeting to update on Hātea clean-up



Provide WDC wastewater treatment plant ecological monitoring plan to group for feedback



Provide an update on Nixon St gross pollutant trap





The meeting concluded at 12 noon.