Audit and Finance Working Party

6 May 2019

Audit and Finance Working Party Record of Actions


Meeting held in the Whale Bay Room

36 Water Street, Whangārei

on Monday 6 May 2019, commencing at 10.00am




Chairman, Councillor David Sinclair

Councillor Bill Shepherd


In Attendance:

Full Meeting

NRC Chief Executive

GM, Corporate Excellence

GM, Customer Services / Customer Relations

Part Meeting

GM, Strategy Governance and Engagement



The meeting commenced at 10.00am.


1.0   Apologies:

      Financial Advisor, Mr Geoff Copstick

       Councillor Joce Yeoman


2.0   Declarations of conflicts of interest

It was advised that committee members should make any declarations item-by-item as the meeting progressed.


3..3  Deloitte planning report to working party year end 30th June 2019

Presented by: Simon Crabb

·         10.10am called Peter Gulliver from Deloitte spoke about the report and answered any questions.

·         Reviewed Final planning document for yearend 30th June 2019

·         Page 3 of report – Summary Audit scope. Highlighted anything unadjusted misstatements greater than $62,900 to be notified to Council. Agreed to change the figure to $50,000

·         Areas of focus is Fraud around Credit cards, travel and training.

·         Review the rate setting same process for the year.

·         Page 11 Enhancements planned for FY19 PG spoke about how this had worked (well) throughout the year.

·         Changes of annual report to improve clarity and understanding. Particularly

quarterly meetings with finance management team for planning and actions.

·         Bribery and corruption. Northland Regional Council to adopt an online training course for staff to complete before year end. 


Agreed action points:

·      Deloitte will bring down materiality threshold from $62,900 to $50,000.


3.2 Finances (deep dive) – March year to date

Presented by: Simon Crabb

·  Budget for internal audit -  IT audit to be completed by year end.                 

·           Rate review completed. Tax review before incoming Council to confirm tax    treatments are compliant before November.

·  Review of group revenue and expense

·  I & G reserve over budget due to delays in projects starting.

·           Bus ticketing system in pipeline going slower than anticipated. looking at next financial year for completion.

·  Kensington project first round of tenders currently in process.  

·  Overhead allocation - revisit rate allocation and look at changing next year.

·  Cash flow reporting, average 18 days on creditor payments  


Agreed action points:

·         Leadership team create reserve for operational spending equivalent to one years expenditure.


3.1 Record of Actions – 19 February 2019

Dave Tams Reviewed Audit and Finance working party record of actions 19 February 2019

Agreed action points:

·                Nil



The meeting concluded at 11.20am.