Kaeo River - Whangaroa Catchment Working Group

5 June 2019

Kaeo River - Whangaroa Catchment Working Group Record of Actions


Meeting held in the Karangahape Marae, 496 Wainui Road, Matangirau, Kaeo

on Wednesday 5 June 2019, commencing at 10.30am




Justin Blaikie                            Chair

Geoff Stone                             (Community representative - Taupo Bay, Pupuke, Totara North, Matangirau, Tauranga Bay, Mahinepua, Te Ngaire and ratepayers outside of the Kaeo River catchment)

Michael Hayes                        (Whangaroa Ward farming representative)

Ngaere Manning                    (Ratepayer representative – flood plain and catchment area from Waiare Road to Whangaroa Harbour to the Kaeo River – Whangaroa Catchment)

Stephen Rush                          (Representing Te Runanga 0 Whaingaroa)

Colleen Dilworth                (Representing Ministry of Education/Whangaroa College/Kaeo Primary School)


In Attendance:

Kelly Stratford                         FNDC Councillor

NRC staff:                                 Bruce Howse, Joseph Camuso, Doug Foster, Sher Khan

FNDC staff                                Steven Smith, Michael Fox

Ian Hayes                                  Member of the public

Robert Rush                             Member of the public

Roger Kingi                               Member of the public

Liarne McManus                    Member of the public

Haumia Roberts                     Member of the public


The meeting commenced at 10.30am.

Apologies (Item 1.0)

Tania McInnes                        FNDC Councillor

Dave Hookway                        FNDC Councillor

Bruce Mills                                (Representing Business and commercial interests within Kaeo and FNDC Community Board)

Stephen Little                          FNDC Staff

Eleanor Hawkes                     Member of the public

Kevin Herewini                       Member of the public

Angela Norman                      Member of the public



Record of Actions from Previous Meeting and Matters arising (Item 2.1)

Presented by: Cr Justin Blaikie

The Record of Actions from the meeting held on 06 July 2018 were received.


Summit Forestry have completed harvest and planting for the Shepherd’s block.

NZTA is in the design phase for the Kaeo bridge and expected to have a design completed in July 2019.  It was noted that a blessing for soil testing was held at the rugby club.



Budget 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 (Item 2.2)

Presented by: Joseph Camuso

The budget for 2018-2019 was summarised and accepted as read.

Agreed action points: 

That a line item be added to the Kaeo Budget representing the Whangaroa Catchment Working Group agreement to earmark $50,000 from the surplus budget to address ongoing flooding issues at Matangirau, for a bridge upgrade if required.  Action:  Doug Foster

Post meeting note: 

The reserve balance of $190,795 is correct, the Kaeo River Reserve closed 2017-18 with a $137,818 balance.  It is noted that this is not the final position and we expect approximately $20,000 in invoicing from maintenance work in May. 



Maintenance Works Update 2018/2019 & Proposed Works 2019/2020 (Item 2.3)

Presented by: Doug Foster

An update was provided on maintenance work 2017-2018 and proposed works for 2018-2019.


Agreed action points:

Ian Hayes noted that Willow removal in parts of the Kaeo River are required.  Action Doug Foster

Roger noted that trees removed from previous works in Matangirau need to be burned.  It was decided that this could be completed in conjunction with the proposed benching works. Action:  Doug Foster





Long Term Plan Project

Presented by: Joseph Camuso and Sher Kahn

Joseph and Sher presented the modelling results.  Modelling options included:

1.       Pre-base – Without a road or Bridge

2.       Base case – With Road and Bridge – Status Quo

3.       Floodway – Floodway only

4.       Floodway with additional Bridge


Agreed action points:

·         Council to provide Flood Depth Maps to assist the Architect to design appropriate floor levels for the new Marae.   Action:  Joseph Camuso

·         Council to provide cadastral maps showing works foot print for cut and fill Action:  Joseph Camuso

·         Council to provide landowner details for works foot print. Action:  Joseph Camuso

·         Council to draft a standard landowner from of agreement for the works to have on hand for next Hui: Action:  Joseph Camuso

·         Council to provide examples of benching from other jobs: Action:  Joseph Camuso



Any Other Business

·         Council and Community to start work for:

o   Resource consent and affected parties forms

o   Archaeologist study

o   Community to meet with landowners to discuss the proposal  


Agreed action points:

·         That the Kaeo River – Whangaroa Catchment Working Group supports feedback from Council regarding the National Environmental Standards – Production Forestry (NES-PF):  Action:  Bruce Howse

·         Second Hui to held as soon as possible, Nola to circulate suitable dates:  Action: Nola Sooner






The meeting concluded at 12.15pm.