Risk and Health and Safety Working Party

Tuesday 11 June 2019 at 8.30am





Risk and Health and Safety Working Party

11 June 2019

Risk and Health and Safety Working Party Agenda


Meeting to be held in the Whale Bay Room

36 Water Street, Whangārei

on Tuesday 11 June 2019, commencing at 8.30am


Please note: working parties and working groups carry NO formal decision-making delegations from council. The purpose of the working party/group is to carry out preparatory work and discussions prior to taking matters to the full council for formal consideration and decision-making. Working party/group meetings are open to the public to attend (unless there are specific grounds under LGOIMA for the public to be excluded).


MEMBERSHIP OF THE Risk and Health and Safety Working Party

Chairman, Councillor Paul Dimery

Councillor Rick Stolwerk

Councillor Bill Shepherd

Councillor Joce Yeoman



Item                                                                                                                                                                                   Page

1.0       apologies   

2.0       declarations of conflicts of interest

3.0       Reports

3.1       Review of Risk Register

For discussion finial review – Kim Ace

3.2       Manage Funds risk update

For discussion – Dave Tams

3.3       Sustainable Solvents

For discussion – Colin Dall

3.4       Health & Safety update

3.5       TLA's ignoring our flood inundation maps