Waitangi Catchment Group

Thursday 12 December 2019 at 5pm





Waitangi Catchment Group

12 December 2019

Waitangi Catchment Group Agenda


Meeting to be held in the Bay of Islands Yacht Club

on Thursday 12 December 2019, commencing at 5pm


Please note: working parties and working groups carry NO formal decision-making delegations from council. The purpose of the working party/group is to carry out preparatory work and discussions prior to taking matters to the full council for formal consideration and decision-making. Working party/group meetings are open to the public to attend (unless there are specific grounds under LGOIMA for the public to be excluded).


Apologies:   Cr. Joce Yeoman, Tony Corcoran




Light meal



(6pm) Welcome and apologies




Select a new chair person, Duncan Kervell (NRC staff member) is still only an interim chair and it really should be a community member.




Update on the Sustainable Riparian Margins Project (Electra Kalaugher :Dairy NZ)




Update on the 5 years of Waitangi Catchment water quality monitoring data, what are the issues and trends looking like (Carol Nichoson/Manas Chakraborty NRC)




Update on NRC funding projects and Farm Environment Plans




How we work with groups of landowners/ community / hapu/ marae  to explain the new rules and potential water reforms coming in mid-2020. 




Update on the Enviroschool Nursery Project ( Duncan Kervell/Jenny Gillanders NRC)



How do we spend the annual $10,000.00 grant from the Enviroment Fund