Planning & Regulatory Working Party

24 June 2020 

Planning & Regulatory Working Party Record of Actions


Meeting held in the Committee Room, 36 Water Street, Whangārei

and via Zoom video and teleconferencing

on Wednesday 24 June 2020, commencing at 9.30am



Present:                              Cr Joce Yeoman              (Chair)

Cr Justin Blaikie

Cr Amy Macdonald

Cr Colin Kitchen

Cr Penny Smart               (ex officio)

Mira Norris                      Te Parawhau Hapū Authority Charitable Trust

Rowan Tautari                Te Whakapiko Hapū

Juliane Chetham             Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board

In Attendance:                  Full Meeting

Ben Lee                            Strategy, Policy & Planning Manager         

Michael Day                    Natural Resources Policy Manager

Rachael King                    Planning & Policy Administrator (minutes) 

Colin Dall                         GM - Regulatory Services

Tess Dacre                       Compliance Monitoring Manager

Ali McHugh                      Water & Waste Monitoring Manager

Sheila Taylor                   Kaiārahi Kaupapa Māori

Chevon Horsford            Kaiawhina Kaupapa Māori

Part Meeting

Jonathan Gibbard          GM - Strategy, Governance & Engagement

Michael Payne                Policy Specialist



The meeting commenced at 9.36am



Pita Tipene, Malcolm Nicolson, Jason Donaghy, Juliane Chetham (lateness)



It was advised that members should make any declarations item-by-item as the meeting progressed.


3.0          REPORTS | NGĀ RIPOATA

3.1      Receipt of Meeting Notes

Ÿ  Taken as read

Ÿ  Draft compliance monitoring and enforcement strategy – no feedback received from last meeting – any comments to be forwarded through to Colin


3.2      Regulatory Services Update

Presented by:  Colin Dall – GM, Regulatory Services

Ÿ  Report taken as read


3.3      NRC Forestry Monitoring Programmes

Presented by:  Tess Dacre – Compliance Monitoring Manager

Ÿ  Report taken as read

Ÿ  Justin provided background and overview to the report

Ÿ  NRC have invested and developed our own dataset to record the erodibility datasets of Northland soils – these differ to national information available, in terms of showing Northland soils are more erodible

Ÿ  Soil erosion is only one of a number of factors considered when determining whether an activity is permitted and whether a site visit will be made

Ÿ  If MPI data are used for assessment of risk, it’s not a true reflection

Ÿ  The suggestion was made that a submission be made to MPI regarding using NRC maps

Ÿ  Are the current NES settings proving to be effective relating to forestry in Northland, which is likely to continue to grow as a land use

Ÿ  An opportune time to look at it and see whether we need to address a plan change moving forward

Ÿ  Request for additional information as to what made afforestation activities non-compliant – Ali advised that it has to do with the way in which it is reported, and recording changes are imminent

Ÿ  Afforestation only applies to new areas – if replanting areas then NRC do not need to be notified

Ÿ  Forestry sector guidelines are available and utilised, however, need to be brought up to date

Agreed Actions:

Ÿ  Ben to meet with Colin and Tess to discuss the matter further and report back to next working party

Ÿ  Refer request for information on costings on data-loggers to the Land & Water Working Party

Ÿ  Report back to TTMAC on Compliance Monitoring with regard to Forestry – provide an understanding of what council does in that space and the current situation


10.06am  -  Jonathan Gibbard joined the meeting


3.4      Planning & Policy Work Programme

Presented by:  Ben Lee - Strategy, Planning & Policy Manager

Ÿ  Report taken as read



Secretarial Note: The order of the agenda items was rearranged to allow for other commitments by attendees


10.11am  -  Michael Payne joined the meeting


3.6      Update on Water Quality Plan Change

Presented by:  Ben Lee - Strategy, Planning & Policy Manager

Ÿ  Have been working with MTAG to come up with an approach for engaging with tangata whenua – being tabled at next TTMAC meeting

Ÿ  Tangata whenua advisory group – key group for receiving advice

Ÿ  Two consultants have been employed to provide modelling of the current state of Northland water quality

Ÿ  NIWA have completed their modelling – Land & Water Science are due to return their outputs in July

Ÿ  Have also engaged NIWA to provide modelling of proposed scenarios

Ÿ  Outlined proposed timeline around the engagement and preparation of the plan change

Ÿ  Amy – reminder that outputs of modelling are not the only things worthwhile – look holistically at all benefits and articulate them as much as possible wherever we can

Ÿ  Stakeholder groups – no indication of who these may be at this stage

Ÿ  Has there been any thought of ground truthing to provide more information around e.coli data etc. – once information from Land & Water Science is received, it is anticipated that it will fill in some of the gaps in the NIWA modelling

Ÿ  Will be looking at other RC, however, targets, limits etc. will be Northland specific


3.5      Proposed Amendments to National Environmental Standards for Air Quality Submission

Presented by:  Michael Payne - Policy Specialist

Ÿ  Joce - minor feedback already provided by email to Michael

Ÿ  Is the submission able to speak to spray drift – not something the NES covers, mostly traffic and dust

Ÿ  The monitoring we undertake at the refinery will not be affected

Agreed Action:

Ÿ  Any comments / amendments through to Michael no later than midday Tuesday next week


10.26am  -  Juliane Chetham joined the meeting


3.7      Regional Plan Appeals

Presented by:  Michael Day – Natural Resources Policy Manager

Ÿ  Approx 75% of all appeal points agreed to have been agreed to date

Ÿ  Fourteen signed orders have been received – these are now up on the council website, together with an updated / amended copy of the Annual Plan incorporating the changes

Ÿ  Two hearing dates have been locked in: 20 July (fumigation) for two days and 10 August (mangroves) for a week

Ÿ  No-take marine protection provisions has been scheduled for two days in early August

Ÿ  Further updates will be advised


The meeting closed at 10.33am