Planning & Regulatory Working Party

26 August 2020 

Planning & Regulatory Working Party Record of Actions


Meeting held via Zoom video and teleconferencing

on Wednesday 26 August 2020, commencing at 9.30am



Present:                        Cr Joce Yeoman                   (Chair)

Cr Amy Macdonald

Cr Colin Kitchen

Mira Norris                            Te Parawhau Hapū Authority Charitable Trust

Rowan Tautari                      Te Whakapiko Hapū

Juliane Chetham                  Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board


In Attendance:             Full Meeting

Ben Lee                                  GM - Strategy, Governance & Engagement 

Michael Day                          Natural Resources Policy Manager

Justin Murfitt                        Strategic Policy Specialist

Brenda Baillie                       Policy Specialist

Alison Newell                        Policy Specialist

Rachael King                         Planning & Policy Administrator (minutes)   

Colin Dall                               GM - Regulatory Services

Tess Dacre                             Compliance Monitoring Manager

Part Meeting

Malcolm Nicolson                CEO



The Chair declared the meeting open at 9.35am



Joce Yeoman



Penny Smart, Pita Tipene



It was advised that members should make any declarations item-by-item as the meeting progressed.


3.0          REPORTS | NGĀ RIPOATA

3.1      Receipt of Meeting Notes

Ÿ  Taken as read


9.40am – Juliane Chetham joined the meeting


3.2      Planning & Policy Work Programme

Presented by:  Michael Day, Natural Resources Policy Manager

Ÿ  Report taken as read

Ÿ  NES rules come into effect on 3 September - trying to be clear which rules apply at that point - some are contingent upon other rules and regulations, eg. farm environment plans

Ÿ  Manawhakahono-ā-rohe – has now been referred to the Māori Relationships team to follow up on

Ÿ  Is there a possibility of attending Four Waters and providing a presentation regarding land disturbance – suggest offering to go along and have a chat to them

Ÿ  Discussions with DairyNZ and Fonterra – have offered to provide staff to present “roadshows” if required – they seem happy to take up the offer


3.3      Regulatory Update /  Work Programme

Presented by:  Tess Dacre, Compliance Monitoring Manager

Ÿ  Report taken as read


3.4      National Policy Statement on Urban Development 2020

Presented by:  Justin Murfitt, Strategic Policy Specialist

Ÿ  Report taken as read

Ÿ  Implications are mostly for district councils, but there are a few points to note as Whangārei has been designated Tier 2

Ÿ  WDC is well placed due to previous work done under the NPS

Ÿ  Need to look at policy in the RPS around planning for growth in terms of transport hubs etc.

Ÿ  Need to add policy to guide decisions on private plan changes which will provide for urban growth / urban planning

Ÿ  Timing works well given we have five-year review of RPS coming up next year

Ÿ  FNDC plan due to come out end of this year / start of next year – looking to have a range of rules around protection of versatile soils – looking at that issue quite closely now


3.5      Aquaculture NES

Presented by:  Michael Day, Natural Resources Policy Manager

Ÿ  Report taken as read

Ÿ  NES comes into force on 1 December 2020 and only applies to the re-consenting of existing aquaculture

Ÿ  Is generally aligned with rules coming out of our Proposed Regional Plan, however, most of our aquaculture rules are still under appeal


3.6      Water Services Bill

Presented by:  Justin Murfitt, Strategic Policy Specialist

Ÿ  Report taken as read

Ÿ  First reading, so there is a fair way to go

Ÿ  Sets out the terms and duties the Board is obliged to perform - regulations still to come

Ÿ  Some requirements for regional councils, primarily around source water supplies (incl. monitoring), risk management

Ÿ  Drinking water suppliers needing to ensure sufficient quantity – that would be for TAs –unsure exactly what that means at this stage for Northland in light of droughts etc

Ÿ  Discussion took place regarding illegal water suppliers / tank deliveries and the requirements for certification under the local district health board


3.7      Fast-tracked Consents

Presented by:  Colin Dall, GM - Regulatory Services

Ÿ  Report taken as read

Ÿ  Expect to receive an invite from the EPA today if it’s going to meet it’s statutory obligations to invite comment from an array of different parties

Ÿ  Under the Act, the relevant iwi authority can nominate the appropriate person for the expert panel

Ÿ  Only have ten working days to provide comment – no opportunity to take it to Council – considered an operational issue, but consideration will be given to keeping people informed


10.31am – Malcolm Nicolson and Rowan Tautari left the meeting


Ÿ  As part of our comment would we be providing our own environmental impact assessment?

Ÿ  Discussion took place regarding the desired skill set for expert panel members moving forward

Agreed Action Points:

Ÿ  Colin to provide an update to the next WP meeting in October

Ÿ  Colin to check with the EPA as to whether the names of the nominees are public information, and if so, provide them to the working party


3.8      Regional Plan Update

Presented by:  Michael Day, Natural Resources Policy Manager

Ÿ  Report taken as read

Ÿ  Mangroves hearing – only two of the five days took place before it was adjourned due to latest COVID alert – now due to be completed at the end of September in Whangārei



Joce Yeoman

The Chair also noted a huge thank you to Michael Day for the phenomenal amount of work done to progress the PRP to its current state and best of luck for his new role


The meeting closed at 10.46am