Awanui River Working Group

25 September 2020

Awanui River Working Group Record of Actions


Meeting held in the Te Ahu Centre


on Friday 25 September 2020, commencing at 10:30am




Cr Colin Kitchen                         (NRC Councillor – Chairman)

Bruce Howse                 (NRC)

Jonathan Gibbard        (NRC)

Russell Cantlay              (Awanui Ratepayers Assn)

John Stewart                  (Te Hiku Community Board)

Bill Subritzky                  (Te Hiku community Board)

Andrea Panther            (Kaitaia Business Association)

Fiona King                       (Kaitaia Drainage Board)

Joe King                            (Eastern Area)

Roz Popata                     (Ngati Kahu)

Hone Popata                  (Ngati Kahu)

Tui Bedggood                (Te Rarawa)


In Attendance:

Full Meeting


Peter Wiessing              (NRC)

Joseph Camuso             (NRC)

Michelle Shine              (NRC)

David van Bysterveldt (Farmer)


The meeting commenced at 10:30.

Apologies (Item 1.0)

Doug Klever, Malcolm Nicolson


Records of Actions from Previous Meeting (Item 2.0)

Presented by: Cr Kitchen

The Record of Actions from the meeting held on 20 February 2020 was received


Matters Arising (Item 3.0)

Presented by: Cr Kitchen

·         Cr Kitchen introduced and welcomed Jonathan Gibbard to the Awanui River Working Group.

·         Fiona King expressed her concerns that she has still not heard anything regarding the plan change to the new 50m3 earthworks rule in a flood hazard area and wants public submissions on it to be arranged.  Bruce Howse replied with the update that the issue has been raised and is on the plan change schedule to be considered by council.  If council agrees to change the rule, the plan change process will take several years to change the rule.  In the meantime, council is considering obtaining a blanket resource consent for earthworks in flood hazard areas to ensure compliance with the current rule.

·         Powerpoint presentation on the July 2020 storm event – Presented by Joseph Camuso


Agreed action points:

·                No actions required


Budget 2019-2020 & 2020-2021 (Item 4.0)

Presented by: Joseph Camuso

·         Budget for the 19/20 year and an update on the 20/21 Budget discussed

·         Rates collection costs discussed as to why there is a 19K increase.


Agreed action points:

·                Need to explain the reason of increased rates collection costs.  Jonathan Gibbard


Works Programme (Item 5.0)

5.0 a & b: Works Programme 2019-2020 & 2020-2021

Presented by: Peter Wiessing

Peter Wiessing discussed completed works for 2019 – 20 and planned works for 2020 – 21, also the work done with the MPI problem tree programme on the Awanui River.


5.0 c Awanui River Restoration

Presented by: Hone & Roz Popata

Presentation given covered recent riverside planting and an overview of a proposed nursery hub positioned at the Dunn Street property.  The process for lease or purchase is to be discussed in order to move forward.


Agreed action points:

·                Need to further discuss the lease or purchase of the Dunn St property.  Jonathan Gibbard


Awanui Scheme Upgrade (Item 6.0)

Presented by: Joseph Camuso

Presented and discussed upgrades.

Agreed action points:

·                Circulate Upgrade presentation. Joseph Camuso


Shovel Ready Project Update (Item 7.0)

Presented by: Cr Kitchen

Funding from the PGF was discussed.  Official announcement on the funding is due soon.

Cr Kitchen acknowledged the hard work staff have done to put business cases in for funding.


Agreed action points:

·                No actions required


Other Business (Item 8.0)

Presented by: Cr Kitchen

·         Discussion held on why some representatives including those from DOC and FNDC are not attending meetings.  These organisations not attending are to be contacted to establish whether new reps should be appointed.


·         The old cut off river loop at Awanui was discussed.  Contamination and urban stormwater issues are being addressed by FNDC.


Agreed action points:

·                Contact DOC and get the name and contact details of their new appointed representative.  Michelle Shine.

·                Contact FNDC and get the name and contact details of their new appointed representative.  Michelle Shine.

·                Follow up on FNDC action regarding contamination and storm water issues.  Peter Wiessing



The meeting concluded at 12:10pm.