Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe Board

23 November 2020 

Ngā Miniti O Te Poari O Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe

Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe Board Minutes


Meeting held in the Banquet Room, Te Ahu Centre, Kaitāia

on Monday 23 November 2020, commencing at 10.00am



Tuhinga:                          Haami Piripi                              Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa                              (Chair)

Cr Mate Radich                       Far North District Council                            (Dep Chair)

Graeme Neho                         Ngāti Kuri Trust Board

Waitai Petera                          Te Rūnanga Nui o Te Aupouri Trust

Wallace Rivers                        NgaiTakoto

Cr Colin (Toss) Kitchen         Northland Regional Council

Cr Marty Robinson                Northland Regional Council

Hon John Carter QSO           Far North District Council

I Tae Mai:                        Huihuinga i te katoa | Full Meeting

Ben Lee                                      NRC - GM: Strategy, Governance and Engagement

Sheila Taylor                            NRC – Kaiārahi Kaupapa Māori

Rachael King                            NRC - Planning & Policy Administrator (minutes)

Rachel Ropiha                         FNDC - Team Leader, Māori Relationships

Rayna Crymble                       FNDC - Senior Planner, Māori Relationships

Steven Sanson                        Sanson & Associates

James (Chum) Murray         Ngāti Kuri

Erana Murray                          Ngāti Kuri

Huihuinga i te wahanga  | Part Meeting

George Riley                            Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa



The Chair declared the meeting open at 10.13am


Petera / Piripi / Neho


Waitai Petera advised that Rick Witana has relinquished his seat, and that he will be representing Te Aupouri moving forward.

Moved  (Robinson / Carter)

That the apology from Wallace Rivers (for lateness) be received.



It was advised that members should make declarations item-by-item as the meeting progressed.


4.1       Confirmation of Minutes

ID: A1386543

Report from Rachael King, Board Secretary

Moved  (Kitchen / Neho)

THAT the minutes of the Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe Board meeting held on 22 October 2020 be confirmed as a true and correct record.



4.2       Matters Arising

Ÿ  Change Niki Conrad’s affiliation (in the list of attendees for the 22 October 2020 meeting) to Parengarenga Inc.


11.11am – George Riley joined the meeting


11.32am – Wallace Rivers joined the meeting


5.0       NGĀ RIMITI | ITEMS

5.1       Adoption of Beach Management Plan

ID: A1387153

Report from Sheila Taylor, Kaiārahi Kaupapa Māori

Moved  (Carter / Radich)

1.         THAT the report ‘Adoption of Beach Management Plan’ by Sheila Taylor, Kaiārahi Kaupapa Māori and dated 17 November 2020, be received.

2.         THAT the Board notes the 36 submissions received in relation to consultation on the draft Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe Beach Management Plan.

3.         THAT the listed recommended changes are made as a result of today’s deliberations, with the following additions, and brought back to the Board for adoption at the meeting on 11 December 2020:

a)         Iwi members to confirm the inclusion of text on Te Ara Wairua;

b)        Amend Proposed Action A30.6 to: “Impacts of forestry and other land use on the beach”;

c)         Add the following sentence to the end of the new Proposed Action for mussel spat harvesting: “In the interim, the Board accepts the Code of Practice in its current state as the appropriate means for managing the impacts of mechanical mussel spat harvesting”;

d)        Correct the arrows on the map of Tohe’s journey on Page 42; and 

e)        Swap the photograph on Page 9 with map on Page 42.



5.2       Financial Report

ID: A1386522

Report from Rachael King, Board Secretary and Sheila Taylor, Kaiārahi Kaupapa Māori

Moved  (Kitchen / Marty)

THAT the ‘Financial Report’ by Rachael King, Board Secretary and Sheila Taylor, Kaiārahi Kaupapa Māori and dated 16 November 2020, be received.



12.31pm – John Carter left the meeting


5.3       Meeting Schedule for 2021

ID: A1386504

Report from Sheila Taylor, Kaiārahi Kaupapa Māori

Moved  (Kitchen / Petera)

1.         THAT the report ‘Meeting Schedule for 2021’ by Sheila Taylor, Kaiārahi Kaupapa Māori and dated 17 November 2020, be received.

2.         THAT the Board set the February 2021 Board meeting date to 19 February 2021.

3.         That the Board set the frequency of the 2021 Board meetings, commencing February 2021, to bi-monthly.

4.         THAT the Board meeting dates for 2021 be set to the third Friday of the month in which the Board shall meet, as follows:

Ÿ  16 April                                                      Ÿ    15 October

Ÿ  18 June                                                     Ÿ    17 December

Ÿ  20 August


6.1       Cr Radich advised that he has received complaints of trawlers fishing within 1km of the high tide line – has been happening since March of this year

Moved  (Radich / Carter)

THAT Ben Lee and Sheila Taylor draft a letter to MPI for the Chair to sign asking them to investigate recent reports of commercial fishing within the three mile limit.



6.2       Discussion took place regarding the deteriorating ramp access to the beach at Waipapakauri

Moved  (Kitchen / Radich)

THAT the Board seek a report from the FNDC regarding the state of the Waipapakauri beach accessway, together with a list / map showing public accessways along the length of Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe.






The meeting concluded at 1.01pm



Next meeting:        10.00am, Friday 11 December

                                      Te Ahu Centre, Kaitāia