Waitangi Catchment Group

26 November 2020

Waitangi Catchment Group Record of Actions


Meeting held in the Waipapa NRC office

on Thursday 26 November 2020, commencing at 5pm



Present:                         Daryl Way - Waimate North Landcare Trust

                                        Rio greening - Chair Person

                                        Marty Robinson - NRC Councillor

                                        Trina Upperton - Land owner

                                        Steve McManus - Land owner

                                        Arnold Maunsell - Hapu

                                        Ngati Kawa Taituha - Hapu


In Attendance:

Full Meeting

Jenny Gillanders NRC LMA


The meeting commenced at 5pm

Karakia Timatanga - Arnold Maunsell


Terence Brocx

Tana Apiata

Albie Apiata

Diane Ruawhare

1.            Discussion of proposed funding options


Te Ruaotehauhau Stream Sub-Catchment Group -  proposal for riparian planting support

(delivered by Trina Upperton) 

Te Ruaotehauhau Stream Sub-Catchment Group are a newly formed group wanting to exclude stock from Te Ruaotehauhau Stream and establish native riparian buffers. Funding for new fencing will be sourced from the NRC environment fund. However they already have extensive areas of protected riparian margin they would like to see planted to improve water quality and habitat values.  

This project was well received and pending further details (e.g. planting site, number of plants etc) will likely be approved at the next meeting.   


Erosion control for the Pukekiwi Pa complex

(delivered by Jenny Gillanders on behalf of Terrance Brocx)

Several slips have occurred on the slope below the Pukekiwi Pa complex, one of which is discharging directly into the Titahi Stream. The Proposal is to carry out erosion control planting and possibly  river works to direct the flow of water away from the base of the slip.  The planting plan will be developed with guidance and input from local hapu.  


This project was also well received, but the possibility of developing a long term management plan for the site was suggested. This plan would need input from Terrance, hapu, NRC, Historic Places Trust and possibly FNDC.



·                Te Ruaotehauhau Stream Sub-Catchment Group to select a planting site and probable species list to be reviewed at the next meeting

·                Jenny Gillanders to follow up with Terrance and the Historic Places Trust about the possibility of collaborating on a management plan.


2.            Rio Greening and Marty Robinson update on the trip to Nelson to participate in Jim Sinner’s sub-catchment group hui.


This was the first of five meeting to be held over four years. Being the first meeting it was focused on getting to know each other and the catchments they are representing. Each meeting will be held in a different location/catchment, with the last one held in Waitangi in 2022.

Marty reports that the connection tangata whenua have to water was new information to many of the other delegates and received with some surprise.   

Key takeaways from the meeting:

·         A lot of the water quality improvement works being done are voluntarily.

·         Many of the catchments have a scheme asking for land owners to pay a per hectare fee to contribute to the cost of improving water quality.

·         Before starting works, consider what your aims are and how they can be achieved. 


Karakia Whakamutunga - Arnold Maunsell

The meeting concluded at 8pm.