Taumarere Flood Management Working Group

27 January 2021

Taumarere Flood Management Working Group Record of Actions


Meeting held in the Otiria Rugby Club

on Wednesday 27 January 2021, commencing at 10:00am




Chair, Councillor Justin Blaikie

Far North District Council, Councillor Kelly Stratford

Kawakawa Hundertwasser Park Charitable Trust, Laurell Pratt



In Attendance:

Full Meeting

Northland Regional Council, Jonathan Gibbard

Northland Regional Council, Joseph Camuso

Northland Regional Council, Matthew Jolly

Northland Regional Council, Doug Foster

Northland Regional Council, Leah Porter

Mike Butler

Chap Butler

Pamela-Anne Ngohe-Simon

Wiremu Keretene

FNDC, Troy Smith

Peter Woods

Jason Cooper

Arnold Burlink

May May Ngawati

Susan Henare

Rowene Tana


The meeting commenced at 10:14.

Apologies (Item 1.0)

Jacqui Hori-Hoult

Ngahau Davis

Manuwai Wells

Warren Feek

Willow-Jean Prime

Whiki Taylot

Murray Armstrong

Kiwirail Reps

Richard Cookson

Malcolm Nicolson


Confirmation of Previous Minutes (Item 2.0)

Presented by: Cr Justin Blaikie

Agreed action points:

·                Update action point on page four regarding focus group to read: “Create a focus group with 2 members from local community, hapū, NRC and Kiwirail to finalise Pokapu spillway location/design”



Matters Arising (Item 3.0)

Presented by: Cr Justin Blaikie

Over view of action points from last meeting, resulting in the following action points moving forward

Agreed action points:

·                Send electronic version of rules for using diggers on your own property concerning waterways; information regarding contract and health & safety

·                Update Kelly Stratford’s details to show she is a FNDC councillor not community board member

·                Set a date for hui at Waiomio and Maromaku Marae to begin conversations regarding flooding issues in those areas


Flood Mitigation Options for Otiria/Moerewa (Item 5.0)

Presented by: Joseph Camuso

Joe presented an overview of the two mitigation options being investigated with the modelling that has been undertaken to date.

Conversations held regarding backflow from spillways; landowners being affected by spillways; run off from forestry clearance; Kiwirail’s stance on the two options;

Agreed action points:

·                Distribute powerpoint with the minutes

·                Form a small working group to investigate adding a swale in Maungapero

·                Arrange meetings with land owners where proposed spillways to be located, as well as those landowners potentially negatively affected by proposed spillways.

·                Provide Kiwirail contact details to hapū wanting to contact them

·                At next meeting, report back on different rate options

·                Send letter to FNDC/Waka Kotahi seeking some funding for Option 1 going over roadways


LTP Consultation (Item 6.0)

Presented by: Jonathan Gibbard

Overview of the proposed funding structure for spillways and the upcoming LTP consultation process.

The Kawakawa stopbank will also be included the consultation – modelling is still to be completed.

Agreed action points:

·                Meet with Kawakawa businesses affected by proposed stopbank



Any Other Business (Item 8.0)

·         Concern raised about sewerage, wastewater and septic issues impacting H&S. FNDC to lead that conversation.

·         Review Terms of Reference (ToR) and bring back to next meeting

·         Otiria Rugby Club is seeking a representative on the Working Group – to be reviewed alongside the ToR at next meeting . 

·         Update from FNDC – investigating the best options for stormwater. Testing existing soakage pits. Funding has been gained to support investigations. Partial funding for stormwater mitigation options.

Agreed action points:

·                NRC to write to FNDC to establish a working party to address the issue of sewerage and waste water

·                Distribute current ToR with minutes



The meeting concluded at 12:38.