Water and Land Working Party

Wednesday 24 February 2021 at 1:00pm





Water and Land Working Party

24 February 2021

Water and Land Working Party Agenda


Meeting to be held in the Council Chamber

36 Water Street, Whangārei

on Wednesday 24 February 2021, commencing at 1:00pm


Please note: working parties and working groups carry NO formal decision-making delegations from council. The purpose of the working party/group is to carry out preparatory work and discussions prior to taking matters to the full council for formal consideration and decision-making. Working party/group meetings are open to the public to attend (unless there are specific grounds under LGOIMA for the public to be excluded).


MEMBERSHIP OF THE Water and Land Working Party

Chairperson, Councillor Justin Blaikie

Councillor Jack Craw

Councillor Amy Macdonald

Councillor Marty Robinson

Councillor Joce Yeoman

Ex-Officio Penny Smart

TTMAC Representative Georgina Connelly

TTMAC Representative Alan Riwaka

TTMAC Representative Janelle Beazley

TTMAC Representative Mira Norris

TTMAC Representative Victor Holloway





Item                                                                                                                                                                                   Page

1.0       Housekeeping

2.0       apologies   

3.0       declarations of conflicts of interest

4.0       Reports

4.1       Retirement Fencing Project Update

(presenter John Ballinger)

Attachment 1       Sustainable Hill Country and Regional Priorities (SHaRP)                          4

4.2       Sediment Monitoring

(presenter Ricky Eyre)

Attachment 1       Introduction to NRC's Sediment Monitoring Programmes                      16

4.3       Summer Weather Update

(presenter Stephen Kitto)

4.4       Water Tank Sensor Trial Update

(presenter Jason Donaghy)

Attachment 1       Water Tank Senor Trial Update                                                                         26

4.5       Summer Swimming Site Monitoring Results                                                                                   32      

Water and Land Working Party  ITEM: 4.1

24 February 2021Attachment 1












Water and Land Working Party  ITEM: 4.2

24 February 2021Attachment 1










Water and Land Working Party  ITEM: 4.4

24 February 2021Attachment 1






Water and Land Working Party                                                                                                                                  item: 4.5

24 February 2021



Summer Swimming Site Monitoring Results




Colin Dall, Group Manager - Regulatory Services

Authorised by Group Manager:

Colin Dall, Group Manager - Regulatory Services, on 18 February 2021


Executive summary/Whakarāpopototanga

Every summer the Northland Regional Council undertakes bacterial water quality monitoring at popular swimming sites throughout Northland to assess the health risk of swimming at those sites.  At least 60 sites are monitored at weekly intervals from early December to late February/early March.  The sites are predominantly coastal but also include some lakes and rivers.

Typically, most coastal and lake sites are found to be suitable (within guideline values) for swimming most, if not all, the time.  Bacterial water quality at river sites more frequently exceeds the guideline values for swimming, particularly during or for a few days after moderate to heavy rainfall.

The results are published weekly on the LAWA (Land, Air, Water Aotearoa) website – https://www.lawa.org.nz/explore-data/swimming/

Further testing is also undertaken on some of the samples which are found to contain elevated levels of faecal bacteria to attempt to determine the source(s) of the faecal bacteria (i.e. faecal source tracking).

A summary of the results to date for the current summer will be tabled at the meeting so that the results for the week commencing 15 February 2021 can be included.


Recommended actions

1.         To provide a more detailed report of the full swimming site monitoring results for the 2020/2021 Summer to the Working Party after completion of the monitoring.



Not relevant.


Attachments/Ngā tapirihanga