UnconfirmedTe Taitokerau Māori and Council Working Party

8 April 2021

Tuhituhi o ngā Mahi O Te Kāhui Māori O Taitokerau

Te Taitokerau Māori and Council Working Party Record of Actions


Meeting held in the Council Chamber

36 Water Street, Whangārei

on Thursday 8 April 2021, commencing at 11.00am - 3.00pm



Tuhinga (Present):

Amy Macdonald, Councillor

Anameara Kake, Te Waiāriki, Ngāti Korora, Ngāti Taka Hapū Iwi Trust

Colin Kitchen, Councillor (Zoom)

Georgina Connelly, Te Uri o Hau Settlement Trust

Jack Craw, Councillor (Zoom)

Joce Yeoman, Councillor (Zoom)

Juliane Chetham, Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board

Justin Blaikie, Councillor

Lynette Wharerau, Te Whakaminenga O Te Hikutu Hapu-Whanau

Michelle Elboz, Ngāti Kuta, Patukeha

Mike Kake, Ngāti Hau

Mira Norris, Te Parawhau Hapū Authority Charitable Trust

Nora Rameka , Te Rūnanga O Ngāti Rehia

Rick Stolwerk, Councillor

Rihari Dargaville, Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa

Terry Archer, Councillor

Thomas Hohaia, Te Roroa

Victor Holloway, Ngāti Tara


I Tae Mai (In Attendance):

Huihuinga i te katoa (Full Meeting)

Chief Executive Officer

GM, Strategy Governance and Engagement

Kaiwhakahaere Honongā Māori – Māori Relationships Manager

Kaiārahi – Tikanga Māori

Kaiārahi – Kaupapa Māori

PA/Team Admin Strategy Governance and Engagement

William Sullivan, Ngātiwai Trust Board 


Huihuinga i te wahanga (Part Meeting)

Strategic Policy Specialist

Policy Specialist

Natural Resources Policy Manager

Climate Change Resilience Coordinator




The meeting commenced at 11.05am.

Karakia / Whakatau

Mike Kake provided the opening karakia for the meeting in the appointed members caucus session prior to the formal meeting with mihi from the Co-Chairs and Nora Rameka. Rihari Dargaville closed the meeting with the karakia whakamutunga.

Ngā Whakapahā/Apologies (Item 1.0)

Janelle Beazley, Te Rūnanga-Ā-Iwi-O-Ngāpuhi

Mariameno Kapa-Kingi, Te Rūnanga Nui o Te Aupōuri

Penny Smart, Councillor (Chair, NRC)

Rowan Tautari, Te Whakapiko Hapū

Murray Reade, Northland Inc

Nga whakapuakanga (Declarations of Conflicts of Interest) (Item 2.0)

It was advised that members should make declarations item-by-item as the meeting progressed.

Secretarial Note: Anameara Kake (Te Waiāriki, Ngāti Korora, Ngāti Taka Hapū Iwi Trust), Terry Archer (councillor) and William Sullivan (Ngātiwai Trust Board)[1], as new members, were invited by the Co-Chairs to introduce themselves to Te Taitokerau Māori and Council Working Party.

Record of Actions – 11 February 2021 (Item 4.1)

It was agreed that the Record of Actions was an accurate reflection of the meeting.

Agreed action points: Nil.


Receipt of Action Sheet (Item 4.2)

The action sheet was received with minor corrections.

Agreed action points: Nil.


Key focus areas - progress tracker (Item 4.3)

Presented by: GM, Strategy Governance and Engagement. In the discussion it was noted that progress is patchy on some key focus areas and the areas need objectives to give clarity on priorities and achievement of them. It was proposed that a TTMAC workshop be held in May to drill down and agree to what is needed for the six priority areas.

Agreed action points:

·                That a special TTMAC planning workshop be convened in May to outline key objectives and priorities for the six agreed strategic priorities.

·                That a small group of two to three members hold an initial meeting to co-design how the larger TTMAC planning workshop will be facilitated as soon as possible in the next week.


Resource Management Reform (Item 4.4)

NRC’s Strategic Policy Specialist provided an overview of the complicated and fastmoving proposed resource management reforms recently announced by the government.  This includes the replacement of the Resource Management Act with the Natural and Built Environment Act, Climate Change Adaptation Act, and Strategic Planning Act, as recommended by the Independent Resource Management Review Panel led by Hon Tony Randerson QC released in June 2020. It was noted that another major government reform – Three Waters – is happening concurrently with the proposed resource management reforms.

Agreed action points:

·                Staff to provide an item at TTMAC’s June meeting about submission options for members to the proposed resource management reforms.


Regional Hui (Item 4.5)

Presented by: Kaiārahi – Tikanga Māori. Member Holloway expressed his sincere regret that the March regional hui planned to be hosted at Parapara marae was unable to proceed due to marae trustees taking a cautious approach to the rise in Covid-19 alert levels.

Agreed action points:

·                The host of the May regional hui, Rihari Dargaville, Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa, will confirm the marae venue with staff in the next week.

·                Moria marae (Te Whakaminenga O Te Hikutu Hapu-Whanau) will host the July regional hui, with Te Uri o Hau as an alternative should Moria marae not be able to host on the day.


The process of appointment and replacement of members on working parties (Item 4.6)

Presented by: Kaiwhakahaere Honongā Māori – Māori Relationships Manager. Members discussed a range of issues affecting representation on working parties, from workload and availability, to the merits of Zoom and kanohi ki te kanohi, to other approaches that may achieve equal councillor/TTMAC representation on working parties. This feedback will be included in a review of TTMAC representation on working parties to the June 2021 TTMAC meeting.

Agreed action points:

·                That TTMAC recommend to council that Rihari Dargaville be approved as the replacement member for Toa Faneva on council’s Climate Change Working Party and the Joint Climate Change Adaptation Committee.

·                That TTMAC reviews representation on other working parties, paying particular regard to how members can be supported to fully participate in working party mahi, and to achieving equal TTMAC and councillor representation on working parties.





Secretarial Note: Item 4.9 was addressed following Item 4.6.

Coastal Occupation Charges (Item 4.7)

Presented by: Policy Specialist. The Planning and Regulatory Working Party asked that the possibility of introducing coastal occupation charges in Te Taitokerau be canvassed again at TTMAC given the significance of coastal marine area to tāngata whenua. It had previously been brought to the November 2020 TTMAC meeting. There was a wide ranging discussion which included kōrero about funding going back to the rohe moana where it came from and decision-making by mana moana.

Agreed action points:

·                 That staff report back to council that TTMAC in principle are supportive of coastal occupation charges and want to be involved in the design of the regime.


Coastal hazard maps and adaptation planning (Item 4.8)

Presented by: Climate Change Resilience Coordinator and Strategic Policy Specialist. This was an update on new coastal hazard maps (to be published later in April) and the communication approach around them. It was noted that there may be an opportunity for Māori and council to partner and approach government for funding for collation of technical information, given the large amount of Māori land in te Taitokerau. Members were also invited to the occupation at Te Mautohe ki Pātaua where they could see the impact of high tides on travel to the papa kāinga.

Agreed action points: Nil.


Secretarial Note: Item 4.9 was addressed following Item 4.6.

Tāngata Whenua Water Advisory Group (Item 4.9)

Presented by: Natural Resources Policy Manager. The revised Terms of Reference (ToR) was tabled on the day. (The lateness was due to a Tāngata Whenua Water Advisory Group meeting being rescheduled to accommodate a Three Waters hui.) The key matters raised in TWWAG feedback for the ToR were about the reporting mechanism and relationship between TWWAG and TTMAC, and an increase in the proposed remuneration which would require a change by council to the Appointed Members Allowances Policy.

Agreed action points:

·                That TTMAC recommend that the council initiate a review of the Appointed Members Allowance Policy.

·                That TTMAC endorse the revised Terms of Reference (ToR)  for the Tāngata Whenua Water Advisory Group for adoption by council, noting that the timeframe for considering the tabled ToR was very short.

·                That TWWAG be a standing item on TTMAC’s agenda, to ensure that there is an open and transparent feedback loop between the forums and to council through the TTMAC representatives on TWWAG.

·                That staff speak with current TTMAC representatives on TWWAG about their ability to attend the scheduled TWWAG meetings and council workshops and, if they are not able to attend the meetings, that they be replaced by member Mira Norris or, failing that, the issue comes back to TTMAC for consideration.


Representation Review - communications and engagement (Item 4.10)

Presented by: Acting Community Engagement Manager. TTMAC received the report and endorsed the general approach taken, especially with respect to using the Māori media network and the possibility of using existing regional hui about Māori representation (of which Māori constituencies is only one part).

Agreed action points:

·                That staff to follow up having Mike Kake as the face of TTMAC and council in an explainer video about the Māori representation decision.

·                That staff discuss taking up the offers of Otiria marae and Terenga Paraoa marae to host hui about Māori representation with the respective members.


Working Party Reports (Item 4.11)

Taken as read.

Agreed action points: Nil.


Chief Executive Officer's report to March council meeting (Item 4.12)

Taken as read.

Agreed action points:

·                That the Chief Executive Officer’s monthly report to council should be included as a standing item on the agenda.




The meeting concluded at 3.13pm.


[1] Pending formal notification from Ngātiwai Trust Board.