Kāeo River - Whangaroa Catchment Working Group

Friday 30 July 2021 at 10.00am





Kāeo River - Whangaroa Catchment Working Group

30 July 2021

Kāeo River - Whangaroa Catchment Working Group Agenda


Meeting to be held in the Wesleydale Union Church

Leigh Street, Kāeo

on Friday 30 July 2021, commencing at 10.00am


Please note: working parties and working groups carry NO formal decision-making delegations from council. The purpose of the working party/group is to carry out preparatory work and discussions prior to taking matters to the full council for formal consideration and decision-making. Working party/group meetings are open to the public to attend (unless there are specific grounds under LGOIMA for the public to be excluded).


MEMBERSHIP OF THE Kāeo River - Whangaroa Catchment Working Group

Chairperson,  Marty Robinson



Item                                                                                                                       Page

1.0      Housekeeping

2.0      apologies   

3.0      Confirmation of previous minutes

           - attachment 1

4.0      matters arising

5.0      sh-10 Bridge UPDATE – nzta

6.0      Flood event 18 July 2020

7.0      wORKS PROGRAMME 2020-2021

8.0      Budget 2021/2022

- As email attachment

9.0      any other business





Kaeo River - Whangaroa Catchment Working Group

Record of Actions


Meeting held in the Wesleydale Union Church


on Friday 10 July 2020, commencing at 10:30am




Chairperson,  Marty Robinson

Whangaroa Ward farming representative, Michael Hayes

Ratepayer representative, Ngaere Manning

Business and commercial interests' representative, Bruce Mills

Community representative, Geoff Stone

In Attendance:

Liarne McManus

Roger Kingi

Rob Rush

Geoff Stone

Ian Hayes

David Greig, NZTA

Yvonne Robinson

Alan Robinson

Steven Smith, FNDC

Helen Brown

Lynda Archer

Hinemoa Smith-Leef

Joe Camuso, NRC Rivers and Natural Hazards Manager

Lester Birdson,  NRC Far North Land Manager

Doug Foster, NRC Kaitaia Area Office - Biosecurity

Leah Porter, NRC PA – Environmental Services


The meeting commenced at 10:35.

Apologies (Item 3.0)

FNDC Councillor, Ann Court

Kevin Hirawini

Kathryn O’Reilly, NZTA

Kerry Thomas, NZTA

Lester Bramley

Riki Green





Confirmation of Previous Minutes (Item 2.0)

Presented by: Marty Robinson

Minutes Confirmed


Matters Arising (Item 3.0)

Presented by: Marty Robinson

Conversation regarding the change from a Liaison Committee to a Working Group - Post meeting note.  Joseph checked with NRC Governance Support Manager, who clarified that this was a name change to better reflect what the working groups Terms of Reference.  The Working Groups report back to NRC Working Parties which report to Council.  Neither the Liaison Committee or Working Groups have delegated authority but make recommendations to Council. 

Agreed action points:

·            Print past minutes to circulate at meeting.

·            Redistribute Terms of Reference



Budget 2020/2021 (Item 4.0)

Presented by: NRC Rivers and Natural Hazards Manager

Overview of budget provided. Underspend of clearance budget is due to Covid-19 halting planned works.

Most surplus will be spent with the Matangirau schedule of work

Concerns raised by member about the rate and where it’s being spend

Agreed action points:

·            No actions required

·            Post Meeting Note: Joseph checked with NRC Finance Manager and Simon Crab clarified that any Targeted Rate Struck by Council has to be spent for what the rate was struck for,  i.e. in this case the money will only be spent on the Kaeo Whangaroa Catchment.  Any surplus will be carried forward.  



State Highway 1 Bridge (Item 5.0)

Presented by: David Greig, NZTA

Overview of proposed design.

Consent applications have been submitted, checking conditions of applications. Construction scheduled to start later in 2020 depending on ground conditions and will take 1.5 years.

Modelling has been updated to include new LiDAR data and climate change predictions to assess new bridge.

Questions and conversation regarding flow capacity under the new bridge, back flow flooding in to town, impact of nearby farms, consultation with affected landowner

Documentation is available on the FNDC consent website page.

Community Open day is scheduled for September.

Agreed action points:

·            Distribute design diagrams to members

·            NZTA will be require to demonstrate that the effects are less than minor or mitigate those effects before Resource Consent will be granted.



Works Programme & Gravel Extraction (Item 6.0)

Presented by: NRC Rivers and Natural Hazards Manager

Works Programme 2019-2020

Matangirau trial – whanau are happy with the trial, there is 80% buy in from land owners. Suggestion made to start at school and work toward trial area to allow more time for liaising with whanau – However, the preference from the Rivers Team is to start downstream and work upstream.  Question regarding potential bridge widening. If consent is granted works could start in the upcoming works season.

Willow Removal – problematic willow have been removed from near Pupuke marae

Tauranga Bay – estuary was blocked, a cut was made at low tide to allow the estuary to drain. Incoming tide and wind filled in the cut during one tidal cycle.  After sufficient rain the river mouth is now open. 

Gravel Extraction

Does the Work Group want to employ a contractor for large scale gravel extraction? Decision reached to not do large scale extraction but continue to extract at targeted areas ensuring positive cost benefit.

Agreed action points:

·            Report at next meeting on any gravel extraction



Catchment Management for Water Quality (Item 7.0)

Presented by: NRC Far North Land Manager

Overview of Kaeo catchment and current land use

Comparison of NES erosion maps and new physiographic maps.  The Physiographic Maps use LiDAR and the Radiographic Survey information to generate maps that highlight erosion prone land.   The NRC Physiographic are more sensitive and highlighting more erosion prone land.   NRC is currently looking at how the new physiographic maps can be incorporated in to planning processes

Agreed action points:

·            No action points



Any Other Business (Item 8.0)

Presented by: Marty Robinson

Request for drone images to be taken of Whangaroa harbour after a large rain event to capture the change of water colour

Agreed action points:

·            Investigate feasibility of drone images



The meeting concluded at 1:15pm.