Kāeo River - Whangaroa Catchment Working Group

30 July 2021

Kāeo River - Whangaroa Catchment Working Group Record of Actions


Meeting held in the Wesleydale Union Church

Leigh Street, Kāeo

on Friday 30 July 2021, commencing at 10.00am




Chairperson,  Marty Robinson

Whangaroa Ward farming representative, Michael Hayes

Business and commercial interests representative, Bruce Mills

Area representative, John Richardson

Te Runanga O Whaingaroa, Stephen Rush

Community representative, Geoff Stone


I Tae Mai/In Attendance:

Full Meeting

FNDC, Cr. Kelly Stratford

FNDC, Sophie Jones

Massey University, PhD Candidate, Widi Auliagisni

Yvonne Robertson

NRC General Manager, Environmental Services, Jonathan Gibbard

NRC Rivers and Natural Hazards Manager, Joe Camuso

NRC River Management Engineer, Victoria Rowe

NRC Kaitaia Area Office, Biosecurity, Doug Foster

NRC Personal Assistant, Environmental services, Erica Wade

Part Meeting

Mike Fleming


The meeting commenced at 10.05am.

Housekeeping (Item 1.0)

Apologies (Item 2.0)

FNDC, Mayor John Carter

FNDC, Deputy Mayor Ann Court

FNDC, Shaun Clarke

NZTA, Sebastian Reed

Ratea Kingi

Ratepayer representative, Ngaere Manning



Confirmation of Previous Minutes (Item 3.0)

Presented by: Marty Robinson

Minutes Confirmed


Matters Arising (Item 4.0)

Presented by: Marty Robinson

Discussion around the Terms of Reference (ToR) and what vacancies are available.   ToR to be sent with minutes and made an agenda item at the next Working Group meeting in December


Agreed action points:

·            Agenda / Minutes / Attachments to be sent out at least seven days prior to an upcoming meeting.

·            Agenda and attachments will be available as a hard copy from the Kāeo Service Centre & Library and from the NRC Waipapa Office.

·            Meeting invite will be sent out one month prior to the meeting

·            ToR on December agenda


State Highway 10 Bridge Update (Item 5.0)

Presented by:

NZTA sent in apologies.  This item is to be presented at the next Working Group meeting in  December.  However, Cr. Stratford gave the committee an update. 

Agreed action points:

·            Item to be on the agenda for the December meeting.  


Flood Event 18 July 2020 (Item 6.0)

Presented by:  Joe Camuso

Overview of proposed design.

PowerPoint Presentation will be sent out to the group with the minutes.

Climate change was taken into account when building the stock bank, using approximately 20% more rainfall and 1 meter sea level rise.

There is a phone application available which will send a text message to the allocated phone number when there is over 20mls/hour of rain expected.  Email Erica if you would like further information. 

Agreed action points:

·            Nil


Works Programme 2020-2021 (Item 7.0)

Presented by: Doug Foster and Victoria Rowe

PowerPoint Presentation will be sent out to the group with the minutes.

Agreed action points:

·            Nil


Budget 2021/2022 (Item 8.0)

Presented by: Joe Camuso

Overview of budget provided.

Most surplus will be spent on the Matangirau work.


Agreed action points:

·            Nil


Any Other Business (Item 9.0)

Presented by:

No other business discussed.

Agreed action points:

·            Nil



The meeting concluded at 12.00pm