Taumarere Flood Management Working Group

6 August 2021

Taumarere Flood Management Working Group Record of Actions


Meeting held in the Otiria Rugby Club

Kingi Road, Moerewa

on Friday 6 August 2021, commencing at 10.00am




Co-Chair, Councillor Justin Blaikie

Far North District Council, Councillor Kelly Stratford

KiwiRail Representative, Andrew de Lisle

Motatau/Opahi/Matawaia Representative, Rowena Tana

Otiria Rugby Club Representative, Pamela-anne Ngohe-Simon

Landowner Representative, Sam Davis

Landowner Representative - Peter Woods



I Tae Mai/In Attendance:

Full Meeting

Massey University, PhD Candidate, Widi Auliagisni

Emma Matthews

Wiremu (Wylie) Keretene

Matthew Tana

KiwiRail, Eric Hennephof

Troy Smith

Riki Ngakoti

Nisha Marsh

Susan Henare

NZTA, Warren Feek

Paul Tipene

Caroline Kemp

Mary Owen

Josephine Kemp-Baker

Mike & Charlotte Butler

NRC CEO, Malcolm Nicolson

NRC GM Environmental Services, Jonathan Gibbard

NRC Rivers and Natural Hazards Manager, Joseph Camuso

NRC Natural Hazards Advisor, Matthew Jolly

NRC Rivers Consultant, Meg Taylor

NRC PA for Environmental Services, Erica Wade

NRC Biosecurity Officer, Doug Foster

NRC Kaiwhakahaere Honongā Māori, Auriole Ruka



The meeting commenced at 10.15am.

Ngā Mahi Whakapai/Housekeeping (Item 1.0)


Ngā Whakapahā/Apologies (Item 2.0)

Pita Tipene, Sophie Jones, May-may, Murray Armstrong, John Harawene, Murray Armstrong


Confirmation of Previous Minutes (Item 3.0)

Presented by:  Cr Justin Blaikie

Minutes Confirmed


Record of Actions

Presented by: Justin Blaikie

Late item added to the agenda and is to continue to be updated and carried over to the next meeting.

·         Record of Actions to be distributed with minutes and attached to next agenda


Matters Arising (Item 4.0)

Presented by: Cr Justin Blaikie

Agreed action points:

·                Members of the group are encouraged to contact Doug or Joe for a walk through the spillway.

·                Rowena has invited NRC to attend a hui at the Motatau Marae on 5 September to hear the effects from the people in the Motatau area. 


Updated Terms of Reference (Item 5.0)

Presented by: Jonathan Gibbard

·                Approval has been given from council for Peter Woods Sam Davis and Pamela-ann Ngohe-Simon to be appointed as representatives. 

Due to other commitments, Murray Armstrong wishes to resign as a tangata whenua representative.  Group accepted.

Agreed action points:

·                Working Group accept the nominations for Nisha Marsh, Paul Tipene and Riki Ngakoti to be representatives on the committee.

Tangata whenua representative, Riki Ngakoti

Waiomio representative, Nisha Marsh

Maromaku representative, Paul Tipene

NRC staff to seek approval from council


·                NRC staff will contact Moerewa School Principal and invite to future meetings.

·                NRC will review the Terms of Reference to provide greater flexibility when appointing committee members.

·                Rowena will follow up with Hohipere Williams if she wishes to continue as a tangata whenua representative.


Turntable Hill Update (Item 6.0)

Presented by: Wiremu Keretene

A.      Planting Programme

300 manuka planted to date.  Yet to source Tī Kōuka and harakeke.  Wiremu to talk to Nisha re harakeke. 


B.      Kohatu Mauri – Mauri Stone

Stone has presented itself.  Position has been located north side of bridge. 


C.      Ranfurly Road Options

Asbestos was found putting a hold on works, this has since been removed and disposed of.    Labourers gave 1 week of their time as koha.  Looking at placing a Food-forest for the community to use.  Working Groups to send Wylie their ideas for a name.


D.      Warren presented a Fly over video of Turntable hill.  Some of the Rock Spalls that have been removed for the Turntable Hill flood way, will be used be used on the new spillway. 

Agreed action points:  

·                Recommendations for the naming of the Ranfurly Road area to be sent to Wylie.


Works Update – 2021/22 (Item 7.0)

Presented by: Joe Camuso

PowerPoint Presentation on the drains and culverts which have been cleaned.

Agreed action points: Nil


Council LTD Decision (Item 8.0)

Presented by: Jonathan Gibbard

·                NRC Made decision to fund major spillway and works in Kawakawa

Agreed action points: Nil


Otiria / Moerewa Flood Mitigation Spillway (Item 9.0)

Presented by: Joe Camuso

Concerns were raised on how the spillway is going to effect Kawakawa; are the floods going to be higher, longer, more frequent?   Joe explained that the confluence of both rivers is upstream of the 3 bridges and the modelling indicates that the control on the Otiria Stream is SH-1 Williams Bridge downstream of AFCO and for the Waiharekeke Stream 3 Bridges SH-1.  The flood plain upstream of the 3 bridges is approximately 1 km wide providing the perfect receiving environment.  Joe will sit down with Peter and any other interested party to view modelling maps in more detail.

Flood mitigation works are scheduled for Kawakawa after the works in Otiria have been finished.

Rowena would like to see a long-term strategy plan on storing the water further upstream.

A.      Cultural Impact Assessment (CIA)

Wylie has drafted a CIA and will present to the marae at the trustee meeting this weekend.  This is a great opportunity to gather stories of the iwi/hapu.  Wylie will meet with landowners to get their stories. 

B.      Archaeological Assessment

Jonathan Carpenter (Archaeological consultant) will draft an archaeological assessment report which will be circulated to group. 


Agreed action points:

·                Maps to be sent out to group with the minutes.


Fly-Over and 3D Video (Item 10.0)

Presented by: Matt Jolly

Agreed action points: Nil


Proposed Works – 2021-22 (Item 11.0)

Presented by:  Joe Camuso

Agreed action points:  Nil


Budget (Item 12.0)

Presented by: Joe Camuso

Agreed action points:

·                Copy to be sent to the group with the minutes


Any Other Business (Item 13.0)

Presented by: Cr Justin Blaikie

Agreed action points:

·                Troy (FNDC) presented a stormwater report on behalf of Sophie Jones.  Funding received for years 2021/22/23.  Group would like to see local whanau in jobs with the projects.  Any questions regarding the stormwater report you can contact Troy or Sophie at FNDC.

·                Get in touch with Cr. Kelly Stratford for assistance with your Community Response plan.

Whakamutunga (Conclusion)

The meeting concluded at 12.20pm.