UnconfirmedTe Taitokerau Māori and Council Working Party

12 August 2021

Tuhituhi o ngā Mahi O Te Kāhui Māori O Taitokerau

Te Taitokerau Māori and Council Working Party Record of Actions


Meeting held in the Council Chamber and via audio visual link

36 Water Street, Whangārei

on Thursday 12 August 2021, commencing at 11.00am - 3.00pm



Tuhinga (Present):

Marty Robinson, Councillor (Co-Chair)

Pita Tipene, Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Hine (Co-Chair)

Amy Macdonald, Councillor

Colin Kitchen, Councillor

Jack Craw, Councillor (via audio visual link)

Joce Yeoman, Councillor (via audio visual link)

Juliane Chetham, Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board

Lynette Wharerau, Te Whakaminenga O Te Hikutu Hapu-Whanau (via                 audio visual link, part meeting)

Mike Kake, Ngāti Hau (caucus session)

Mira Norris, Te Parawhau Hapū Authority Charitable Trust

Nora Rameka , Te Rūnanga O Ngāti Rehia

Penny Smart, Councillor (Chair, NRC)

Rihari Dargaville, Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa

Rowan Tautari, Te Whakapiko Hapū

Terry Archer, Councillor

Waimarie Kingi, Te Waiāriki, Ngāti Korora, Ngāti Taka Hapū Iwi Trust

William Sullivan, Ngātiwai Trust Board


I Tae Mai (In Attendance):

Huihuinga i te katoa (Full Meeting)

Chief Executive Officer (via audio visual link)

Acting GM, Strategy Governance and Engagement

Kaiwhakahaere Hononga Māori | Māori Relationships Manager

PA/Team Admin Strategy Governance and Engagement


Huihuinga i te wahanga (Part Meeting)

Chief Executive Officer, Northland Inc

Makarena Dalton, Barker Associates

David Badham, Barker Associates

Group Manager, Environmental Services

Policy Specialist


Economic Policy Advisor

Natural Resources Policy Manager


The meeting commenced at 11.05am.

Karakia / Whakatau

Rihari Dargaville provided the opening karakia for the meeting in the non-elected members caucus session prior to the formal meeting with mihi from the Co-Chairs.

Ngā Mahi Whakapai/Housekeeping (Item 1.0)

Ngā Whakapahā/Apologies (Item 2.0)

Alan Riwaka, Te Rūnanga O Ngāti Whātua

Georgina Connelly, Te Uri o Hau Settlement Trust

Hoki Tua, Te Rūnanga o Whāingaroa

Janelle Beazley, Te Rūnanga-Ā-Iwi-O-Ngāpuhi

Justin Blaikie, Councillor

Mariameno Kapa-Kingi, Te Rūnanga Nui o Te Aupōuri

Michelle Elboz, Ngāti Kuta, Patukeha

Rick Stolwerk, Councillor

Thomas Hohaia, Te Roroa

Victor Holloway, Ngāti Tara

Nga whakapuakanga (Declarations of Conflicts of Interest) (Item 3.0)

It was advised that members should make declarations item-by-item as the meeting progressed.


Secretarial Note: The Co-Chairs welcomed the new representative for Te Waiāriki, Ngāti Korora, Ngāti Taka Hapū Iwi Trust, Waimarie Kingi, and also thanked staff for their mahi to support the Te Taitokerau Māori and Council Working Party.

Record of Actions – 10 June 2021 (Item 4.1)

It was agreed that the Record of actions was an accurate reflection of the meeting.

Agreed action points: Nil.


Receipt of Action Sheet (Item 4.2)

The Action Sheet was received.

Agreed action points: Nil.


Update on draft TTMAC Strategic Priorities Plan (Item 4.3)

Members received the report. Barker and Associates who had worked with the Strategic Priorities Sub-Group on the document were in attendance and recorded agreed changes to the document during the discussion. These changes included  giving it the title of “Strategic Intent”, confirming the use of “haumako” and “pure” in Te Pae Tawhiti, adding a note that He Whakaputanga and Te Tiriti o Waitangi are the heart of the kaupapa, and changing “climate change” to “climate crisis” to elevate prioritisation of this issue.  The significance and meaning of “He iwi tahi tātou” (we are two people, one nation) as was used by Governor Grey in 1840 was also explained.


Agreed action points:

·              That the amended document, as endorsed by TTMAC during the meeting, go to council for their consideration.

·              That Ngā Kupu Pānga | Terms of Reference for Te Taitokerau Māori and Council Working Party (TTMAC) be reviewed by the Māori Technical Advisory Group and aligned with the Strategic Intent.

·              That the implementation of the TTMAC Strategic Intent be a standing item for TTMAC meetings.


Northland Inc Limited: Statement of Intent 2021-2024 (Item 4.4)

Presented by: Murray Reade, Chief Executive, Northland Inc. Members received the report. Key discussion points included: how to improve the process undertaken to incorporate TTMAC feedback into Northland Inc’s Statement of Intent (SOI) in the next cycle; underpinning the six key Pou with Te Ao Māori principles; examples of effective partnership with iwi and hapū; selection criteria and frameworks used to decide who to partner with; the establishment of a joint economic development council controlled organisation (CCO) with Far North District Council, Kaipara District Council and Northland Regional Council (NRC), with the option for Whangarei District Council to opt in; how NRC resources Northland Inc through a dedicated Economic Development Fund; and a commitment to building capacity to assess projects with a climate change lens and a Te Ao Māori approach.


Agreed action points: Nil.


Secretarial Note: At the meeting it was noted that the Māori Technical Advisory Group’s report in the agenda was different to what they had signed off at their 20 July meeting. It was agreed that the date of the report should be 5 August 2021 to align with when it was changed and authorised by the Group Manager.

Treaty of Waitangi / Tiriti o Waitangi - Health Check (Item 4.5)

Presented by: Kaiwhakahaere Hononga Māori | Māori Relationships Manager and Group Manager Environmental Services. Members received this report, noting that the kaupapa had been on TTMAC’s agenda since the rōpu was established and this step was a significant achievement. The non-elected members endorsed the framework and process going to council with reference to ‘Te Tiriti o Waitangi’, not ‘Treaty of Waitangi’. While the Long Term Plan consultation used both ‘Te Tiriti’ and ‘the Treaty’, members view was that they could, as a rōpu, instead agree to embark on a more visionary Te Tiriti pathway than merely council’s Treaty obligations. Adapting the Te Arawhiti framework for Taitokerau was seen as a good foundation for how to do mahi together at all levels of council. It was acknowledged, however, by the non-elected members that council needed the opportunity to discuss the report in their own time and to understand the difference between use of Te Tiriti and Treaty. Nor could councillors pre-empt their own decision by endorsing the report. Hence the non-elected members endorse the report for council’s consideration.

Agreed action points:

·              That the non-elected members of te Taitokerau Māori and Council Working Party endorse the 2021/22 Te Tiriti Health Check framework and process for council consideration

·              That the references to ‘Treaty’ in the report and attachments be read consistently as references to ‘Te Tiriti’.


Coastal Occupation Charging (Item 4.6)

Presented by: Acting Group Manager Strategy, Governance and Engagement. The members received the report and were supportive of being involved at the beginning of the process to design a coastal charging regime.

Agreed action points:

·              That council engage the Māori Technical Advisory Group (MTAG) to jointly develop a Draft Discussion Document on coastal occupation charging with staff.

·              That staff provide an initial strawman to help facilitate the joint development of the Draft Discussion Document.

·              That MTAG make recommendations to TTMAC on how to best incorporate Māori values and aspirations into the Discussion Document.


Update on mapping of Outstanding Natural Landscapes in the coastal marine area (Item 4.7)

Presented by: Acting Group Manager Strategy Governance and Engagement Group. The members received the written and verbal reports. Key discussion points included the difference between Significant Natural Areas (SNAs) and Outstanding Natural Landscapes (ONLs) and implications for Marine and Coastal Area (Moana Takutai) applications (none). TTMAC members noted that, similar to SNAs, their concern was not with the kaupapa of protecting biodiversity and natural landscapes but with the process and how it threatens tikanga. Their collective view was that the process NRC was being asked to undertake by the Environment court was not right. Emphasising the mana of hapū rangatiratanga, it was agreed to add TTMAC’s collective tautoko to a letter sent by Iwi Chairs and the Mayors of Whangārei, Kaipara and Far North district councils requesting a pause so a proper consultation could be done. If a pause was not forthcoming, the legal advice given to NRC was to proceed with the court’s directive. Another option for iwi and hapū was joining the Environment Court process. The discussion also raised awareness of the value in increasing tāngata whenua knowledge of plan changes and submissions, especially given the imminent Freshwater Plan Change.

Agreed action points:

·              That Te Taitokerau Māori and Council Working Party (TTMAC) Co-Chairs write a letter on behalf of members to tautoko the one penned by the Iwi and Local Government Chief Executives (ILGACE) group and signed by iwi Chairs and the Mayors of the Far North, Kaipara and Whangārei district councils. The letter is to request a pause to allow time to work with tāngata whenua to develop an appropriate process for mapping of Outstanding Natural Landscapes and ensure that there is proper consultation.

·              That TTMAC request Northland Regional Council to approach the Environment Court again, asking the court to pause to allow time to work with tāngata whenua to develop an appropriate process for mapping of Outstanding Natural Landscapes and ensure that there is proper consultation.

Secretarial Note: A letter signed by TTMAC Co-Chairs was sent on 20 August 2021 to the Minister of Conservation, copied to the Ministers for Local Government, Ministry for the Environment and Te Arawhiti. A letter was also sent to the Environment Court on 20 August 2021 from the council’s Chair. Both letters requested a pause to allow time to work with tāngata whenua to develop an appropriate process for mapping of ONLs to ensure that there is proper consultation.


Regional hui report and hosting of November hui (Item 4.8)

Presented by: Kaiwhakahaere Hononga Māori | Māori Relationships Manager. Members received the report on the regional marae-based hui hosted by Te Hikutu at Moria Marae on 8 July 2021. A  heartfelt thanks was given to the host member (Te Whakaminenga O Te Hikutu Hapu-Whanau),  noting that the climate change kaupapa was timely in bringing a Te Ao Māori lens to the impact on Taitokerau communities and reinforcing the need for strong partnerships with specific considerations for tāngata whenua. Te Uri o Hau will host the next regional hui on 9 September, a key agenda item will be the signing of their Mana Whakahono a Rohe agreement.

Agreed action points:

·              That TTMAC appointed tāngata whenua members confirm Te Waiāriki, Ngāti Korora, Ngāti Taka Hapū Iwi Trust to host the 11 November 2021 regional marae-based hui, subject them confirming marae availability.


Representation review update (Item 4.9)

Presented by: Acting Group Manager Strategy Governance and Engagement Group, the report and a verbal update was received, advising that council approved at their 28 July meeting the release of the Initial Proposal for submissions from 10 August to 10 September 2021. Council adopted all of TTMAC’s recommendations, except for the number of councillors, which remained at nine for the Initial Proposal. Members discussed the Maori electoral roll option, how members could use their networks to encourage tāngata whenua to make submissions and to increase enrolment to vote, the practicalities of representing constituencies with a large geographic boundary, and, in particular errors in the te reo Māori used in the Initial Proposal document (Kia Kōtahi Mai) and how this could be fixed and prevented from happening again.  

Agreed action points:

·              Staff to look into correcting the te reo Māori used in the Kia Kotahi Mai document and amending the online publication and, timeframes permitting, the hardcopy also.


Reports from working parties and groups (Item 4.10)

The working party reports were received and taken as read, with brief verbal updates from members and Chairs.

Agreed action points: Nil


Whenua Māori Expo September 2021 (Item 4.11)

Presented by: Kaiwhakahaere Hononga Māori | Māori Relationships Manager. Members received the report and looked forward to receiving a pānui from Te Puni Kōkiri with further details about the events. An opportunity to attend a wānanga at Pehiāweri Marae on Te Ao Māori was also shared with members.

Agreed action points: Nil.


Chief Executive Officer's report to July council meeting (Item 4.12)

The Chief Executive Officer’s report to the July council meeting was received and taken as read. Members noted that it was a valuable overview of council activities.

Agreed action points: Nil.


Whakamutunga (Conclusion)

The meeting concluded at 2.52pm with a karakia mutunga by Rihari Dargaville.