Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe Board

18 February 2022

Ngā Miniti O Te Poari O Te Oneroa-A-Tōhē

Te Oneroa-A-Tōhē Board Minutes


Meeting held remotely

on Friday 18 February 2022, commencing at 10.00am



Tuhinga (Present):

                                      Haami Piripi                       Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa - (Chair)

                                      Cr Mate Radich                  Far North District Council - (Dep Chair)

                                      Graeme Neho                    Ngāti Kuri Trust Board       

                                      Cr Marty Robinson          NRC Councillor                                                             

                                      Wallace Rivers                  NgaiTakato                                          

I Tae Mai (In Attendance):

                                      Huihuinga i te katoa (Full Meeting)


                                      Auriole Ruka                      NRC - GM, Strategy, Governance & Engagement

                                      Sheila Taylor                      NRC -  Kaiārahi Kaupapa Māori 

                                      Robert Nathan                  NRC – Kaiārahi Tikanga Māori

                                      Theresa Burkhardt          FNDC – Policy Planner 

                                      Bill Lee                                 FNDC – Policy Planner         

                                      George Riley                      Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa

                                      Kerry Shanta                      Te Araroa Northland Trust

                                      Meloney Tupou               NRC – Kaiāwhina Tari

                                      Huihuinga i te wahanga (Part Meeting)

Mayor John Carter          Far North District Council

                                      Gary Hooper                      Chief Executive - Aquaculture New Zealand

                                      Laws Larson                       Te Ohu Kaimoana



The Chair declared the meeting open at 10.20am.

Karakia Timatanga and Whakatau

Haami Piripi/Graeme Neho

Ngā Mahi Whakapai/Housekeeping (Item 1.0)

This meeting will be held fully remote and attendees are responsible for their own health and safety and ensuring they are working in a safe environment




Ngā whakapahā/Apologies (Item 2.0)

Te Runanga Nui o Te Aupouri Trust Waitai Petera (NRC online technical and communication issues)


Moved (Marty Robinson/Haami Piripi)

That the apologies from NRC Councillor Colin Kitchen for non-attendance be received.



Nga whakapuakanga (Declarations of Conflicts of Interest)

It was advised that members should make declarations item-by-item as the meeting progressed.


Confirmation of Minutes - 17 December 2021 (Item 4.1)

Report from Meloney Tupou, Māori Governance and Engagement Support Admin

Ngā mahi tūtohutia / Recommendation

Moved Graeme Neho/Marty Robinson   

That the minutes of Te Oneroa A Tōhē Board Minutes meeting held on 17 December 2021 be confirmed as true and correct record.



Meeting Schedule for 2022 (Item 5.1)

Report from Sheila Taylor, Kaiārahi Kaupapa Māori


Moved (John Carter/Marty Robinson)

1.         That the report ‘Meeting Schedule for 2022’ by Sheila Taylor, Kaiārahi Kaupapa Māori and dated 26 January 2022, be received.

·   2022 Board meetings, commencing February 2022 be held Bimonthly

·   Contingent on recommendation 2.b.i, 2.b.ii or 2.b.iii being approved, the Board set the meeting dates for 2022 to the third Friday of the month in which the Board shall meet

·   22 April

·   17 June

·   19 August







Recommendations GLM9

Moved John Carter /Graeme Neho

1.       That the Board endorses a change to the fishing year for GLM9

2.       That the Board approve a letter of support:

a.       for the change to the fishing year for Quota Management Area Green Lipped Mussel 9 (GLM9) from 1 October to 30 September to 1 April to 31 March; and

b.       to be sent to the Minister of Fisheries and the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Oceans and Fisheries; and

c.       subject to the final approval of the Chair of Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe Beach Board.

3.       That the Board explore the possibility of a local bill.



John Carter left meeting – (10.48am) No Quorum



1.         Progress of priority action items from Te Rautaki o Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe:

1.1       Scattering of ashes

·         Speed Limits Workshop in progress today and they are on task for June deadline.

·         Scattering of ashes, letter has been distributed to the funeral providers and it will be available on the Boards website.

·          It was suggested by the Board that the letter be distributed on a larger scale in order to educate people around the Kaupapa.


1.2       Resource consent process

·         Resource Consent –to formalise the process.  Currently have one in the works it is on hold to decide if it will be a process or a plan change


1.3       Sites of significance

·         Provide GIS mapping expertise and templates to support Iwi, Hapū and whānau to identify wāhi tapu and sites of significance in the Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe Management area.

·         Paper going to council in March to propose times and process for TOATB. Actioned by September time frame.


Te Araroa Northern Trust meeting update


·         Mark Weatherall has resigned. Matt Claridge our new Executive Director as from 1st February 2022.

·         Te Araroa walkers this season are low due to Covid 19.



Sandhills Road development


·         1000 Sandhills Limited (the Applicant) has acquired the property formally owned by Ahipara Land Company Limited.  Applicant is seeking approval from the Far North District Council and Northland Regional Council.

·         This paper has been prepared in advance of the applicant seeking approval from the Territorial Authorities to ensure the Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe Beach Board are aware of the upcoming lodgement.


Karakia Mutunga/Graeme Neho

Whakamutunga (Conclusion)

The meeting concluded at 11.48am.