UnconfirmedKaihū River Working Group

12 July 2022

Kaihū River Working Group Record of Actions


Meeting held in the Ground floor

NRC Dargaville

32 Hokianga Road

Dargaville 0310

on Tuesday 12 July 2022, commencing at 10.00am - 12.00pm




Chair Penny Smart

Ratepayer Representative Area 2, Bryce Wyatt

Ratepayer Representative Area 1, John Murray


I Tae Mai/In Attendance:

Full Meeting

NRC General Manager Community Resilience, Victoria Harwood

NRC Rivers and Natural Hazards Manager, Joseph Camuso

NRC River Management Engineer, Victoria Rowe

NRC Manchurian Wild Rice Officer, Nancy Chaves

NRC Kaihū River Working Group Secretariat, Erica Wade

Ray Bryant



The meeting commenced at 10.00am.

Ngā Mahi Whakapai/Housekeeping (Item 1.0)

Ngā Whakapahā/Apologies (Item 2.0)

Te Roroa Representative, Snow Tane

KDC, Karen Joyce-Paki


Record of Actions – 13 August 2021 (Item 3.1)

Presented by: NRC Rivers and Natural Hazards Manager, Joseph Camuso

Agreed action points:

·            Secretariat to ensure members are added to the agenda cover pages.


Receipt of Action Sheet - 13  August 2021 (Item 3.2)

Presented by: NRC Rivers and Natural Hazards Manager, Joseph Camuso

Agreed action points:

·            6 and 7 not completed.  Should have been addressed.

·            6.0 – Tree removal happened however the process and cost not accepted by members.  Why are members not bought into discuss possible contractors and the process to be used?  Members felt there was no overseeing of the job and communication between NRC and contractor lacking.

Going forward: outline with Bryce where trees are to be removed, send tender out for hourly rate rather than total cost of job.  There are locals who could do the job and we should be looking at using them.  Trial to proceed with cutting and pasting.

·            7.0 - bottleneck is clogged, look at getting it cleaned and it is on boundary of reserve and David’s property.  Gavin Jennings has the equipment required to do this job (It would need a long reach digger); Joe to make contact. 

·            8.0 - John will pass on Boyd’s Christianson details to Victoria so he filling at Duck Creek can be done.

The removal of pine trees at the Marae are yet to be discussed with Pera Paniora.  Victoria to make contact so work can get done this year.

Joe to follow up the spraying or drill and fill of the willow tree in the middle of the river near Colin’s place.   Will need to be done by boat.  Nancy will have some spray and bottles to give Colin.


Terms of Reference - update (Item 3.3)

Presented by: Chair, Penny Smart

Agreed action points:

·            Des Subritzykyy has stepped down as the Te Houhanga marae representative.  Victoria to make contact Narina Larson for a representative from Te Houhanga Marae –KDC will also have contacts for this marae.  Stella NRC may also have contact

·            Group needs local knowledge to move forward.  Bryce not happy with the work over the past 12 months. Especially with the lack of communication between the groups representatives and NRC.  Bryce will let the group know if he will remain as a group member.

·            John to remain on committee

·            Victoria to check with Boyd Parker if he is happy to continue on the committee.


Kaihū River Budget (Item 3.4)

Presented by: NRC Rivers and Natural Hazards Manager, Joseph Camuso

Agreed action points:

·            Victoria to draft up a works programme and circulate to group for discussion prior to approval.

·            Future proof while equipment is there.  Joe and Victoria to meet with Bryce and identify future areas of concern.


Works update 2021 - 2022 (Item 3.5)

Presented by: NRC River Management Engineer, Victoria Rowe

Agreed action points:

·            Nil


Boat inspection and proposed works programme 2022 - 2023 (Item 3.6)

Presented by: Victoria Rowe

Agreed action points:

·            Cleaning paid up to Porore bridge.  Develop works plan around cleaning of floodgates and us preferred local contractors.  Gavin Jennings could do this work with the extension tool. 

·            KMR – mass planting, concerns around what they are planting as this can cause blocking of the river and restrict access.  Penny has raised concerns with the KMR committee.  Needs enough room between bank and planting for access. 

·            Manchurian rice: Pointless spraying one side each year.  To make any progress spray both at same side.  Spring and autumn treatments over at least 10 years.  MPI funded programme.  Budget needs to cover spray 2xyear both sides


Cycle Trail update (Item 3.7)

Presented by: NRC Rivers and Natural Hazards Manager, Joe Camuso

Agreed action points:

·            Nil


Any other business (Item 3.8)

Presented by: Chair, Penny Smart

Agreed action points:

·            Slipway to be cleaned – near Colins property.  Joe to action this.



Whakamutunga (Conclusion)

The meeting concluded at 11.48am