Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe Board

19 August 2022

Ngā Miniti O Te Poari O Te Oneroa-A-Tōhē

Te Oneroa-A-Tōhē Board Minutes


Meeting held in the Banquet Room, Te Ahu Centre and via audio visual  link

cnr State Highway 1 & Matthews Ave, Kaitaia

on Friday 19 August 2022, commencing at 10.00am - 1.00pm


Tuhinga (Present):

Haami Piripi                                             Chair, Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa

Cr Marty Robinson                                NRC Councillor                                

Graeme Neho                                         Ngāti Kuri Trust Board                  

Wallace Rivers                                        NgaiTakato  


I Tae Mai (In Attendance):

Huihuinga i te katoa (Full Meeting)

George Riley                                            Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa

                                                       Theresa Burkhardt                                FNDC - Policy Planner

                                                       Kerry Shanta                                                        Te Araroa Northland Trust          

Auriole Ruka                                            GM - Governance and Engagement

Kim Peita                                                  Kaiwhakahaere Honongā Māori

Robert Nathan                                        Kaiarahi Tikanga Māori

Meloney Tupou                                      NRC Kaiāwhina Tari (admin)

Huihuinga i te wahanga (Part Meeting)

Cr Mate Radich                                       Far North District Council (Dep Chair)

Justine Smith                                           Department of Internal Affairs

Tasan Gillies                                             Department of Internal Affairs

Tiana Solomon                                       Department of Internal Affairs

Tui Quaqua Te Paa                                Te Rarawa Anga Mua Trust


The Chair declared the meeting open at 10.00am.

Karakia Timatanga and Whakatau  Graeme Neho

Ngā Mahi Whakapai/Housekeeping (Item 1.0)

Ngā whakapahā/Apologies (Item 2.0)


Moved Marty / Graeme)

That the apologies from Councillors Mate Radich, Colin Kitchen and Mayor John Carter for non-attendance be received.

Secretarial note:  The Board would like to acknowledge the flood conditions in the Far North which has contributed to today’s apologies.  Travel is an issue at this time and we have members who serve on the Civil Defence response Team.



Nga whakapuakanga (Declarations of Conflicts of Interest)

It was advised that members should make declarations item-by-item as the meeting progressed.

Haami is in the process of being appointed a seat on Water Entity A, which is a part of the new Three Water governance arrangement.


Confirmation of Minutes - Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe Board 1 July 2022 (Item 4.1)

Report from Meloney Tupou, Maori Governance and Engagement Support Admin

Moved (Marty/Wallace)

Ngā mahi tūtohutia / Recommendation

That the minutes of the Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe Board meeting held on 1 July 2022, be confirmed as a true and correct record.

Secretarial note:  Typo agriculture should read aquaculture.



Financial Report (Item 5.1)

Report from Kim Peita, Maori Relationships Manager

Ngā mahi tūtohutia / Recommendation

That the report ‘Financial Report’ by Kim Peita, Māori Relationships Manager and dated 16 August 2022, be received.

Secretarial Note:  Title January 2021 is incorrect; it should read July 2022.  Confirm dates with accounts and re issue to the board.  Therefore the financials have not been carried.


10.29am Mate Radich joined meeting.

Tātai Aronga (Item 5.2)

Report from Auriole Ruka, Pou Manawhakahaere - GM Governance and Engagement

Ngā mahi tūtohutia / Recommendation

That the report ‘Tātai Aronga’ by Auriole Ruka, Pou Manawhakahaere - GM Governance and Engagement and dated 16 August 2022, be received.


§  Purpose of presentation is to see if the Board is interested in the resourcefulness of Data Portal and understanding how to use it to enhance their ongoing mahi.

§  The data can be protected and can be used to suit the needs of the Board.

§  Portal sits outside the Crown therefore Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) have no special access to the Data Portal.  It is all public data.

§  Conversations to continue with the Board and it was noted that we are coming to end of the Triennium.

§  DIA is the commissioning agency and will organise potential users to be trained (GIS capability) in how to use and access the Data Portal.

§  Concerns for iwi around sensitive data and security.  DIA understanding is that it is essentially a tool and they hope it is utilised for this reason only.

§  For the Board it is a way forward it provides data evidence to help with monitoring, decision making. and strengthening the work required on an environmental level.

§  Collected data can become the knowledge of the iwi.  There are concerns that the data could end up in the wrong hands. Important the correct people with the right skills receive training and guidance. Proceed with caution to avoid any private data being made public and the Board decides who has sovereignty of data information.

§  Moving forward iwi representative and TSG could hui again with DIA to discuss further actions and training.

§  Board would like a summary of the first phase from DIA in order to understand. The programme before DIA organise a workshop.


Toheroa Strategy (Item 5.3)

Report from Auriole Ruka, Pou Manawhakahaere - GM Governance and Engagement



1.         That the report ‘Toheroa Strategy’ by Auriole Ruka, Pou Manawhakahaere - GM Governance and Engagement and dated 9 August 2022, be received.

2.         That Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe Beach Board endorse the Toheroa Strategic Plan 2022-2030 for Te Rarawa ki Ahipara.


§  Tui presented the Toheroa Strategy for Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe Beach Board for their consideration and endorsement

§  The Strategy is aimed at iwi and community to restore Toheroa.  Ideally iwi and community work on this strategy collaboratively.  Ngati Kūri still to sign.

§  Survival rate of 200 toheroa that were taken from Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe Beach and planted at Tanutanu have been successful.

§  It was mentioned there was a lost opportunity during covid to research Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe Beach whilst there were no vehicles or people populating the beach.

§  Board chooses to endorse the Toheroa Strategic Plan 2022-2030 for Te Rarawa ki Ahipara.


Setting the December 2022 meeting date (Item 5.4)

Report from Sheila Taylor, Kaiārahi Kaupapa Māori


1.             That the report ‘Setting the December 2022 meeting date’ by Sheila Taylor, Kaiārahi Kaupapa Māori and dated 16 August 2022, be received.


2.         That the Board:

a.         Defer setting the Board calendar until the February 2023 Board meeting


b.        Set the December 2022 Board meetings to 16 December 2022 meeting.


§  Chair agreed set the December 2022 Board meetings to 16 December 2022 meeting.

§  TSG and FNDC to meet before December .

§  TSG will update Board on Speed Limits and Spreading of ashes at the December meeting as they were not able to meet last month.



Secretarial note: confirmed from accounts Financial Report was for month July 2022 be carried.

Board would like a copy of the Financial Report with amendments made to the heading. It will read July 2022 not January 2021.

Wallace/Marty moved Financial Report.




Board to Workshop with Justine Smith and Tasan Gillies from DIA during September or October 2022.

Haami Piripi


Board chooses to endorse the Toheroa Strategic Plan 2022-2030 for Te Rarawa ki Ahipara.

Haami Piripi and Graeme Neho


TSG and FNDC to meet before December .




Acknowledgements were made to the Board Members and Staff.  Special mention to our councillors Marty, Colin and Mate as we break for council recess.

Karakia Mutunga    Graeme Neho

Whakamutunga (Conclusion)

The meeting concluded at 12.37pm.


Te Oneroa-a-Tōhe Board workshop with iwi members.

Presentation Workshop: 1.00pm Secretarial note:  Ben White presentation from Te Arawhiti discussing Resource Management reforms and the potential affects it may have to the Board and their interests and arrangements.